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Re: The CULT ... of Stölting!
« Reply #60 on: December 04, 2015, 00:05 »
I was waiting for your take on this. I read it this morning with a sinking feeling. But was unsure if it was EB being all... well EB - and making a mountain out of a molehill when in fact this is just an admin error. Or if it was something symptomatic of the fact they can't get it together even with a new sponsor on board. It doesn't look good for them to be struggling with funding issues so early. At best get the admin sorted guys! At  worst... a long hard season awaits where once again money takes the focus away from the cycling. I hate that they are seem dogged with problems.  Hopefully a switch to German admin will help.
It's a common misconception (one that I shared in myself, see below) that the announcement of a new sponsor means the immediate influx of new cash to a team.
But until 1st January, CULT is on its own. And the team has had more than its fair share of trouble - from Weylandt selling snake-oil to the theft of a truckload of bikes.
When the merger was announced, I asked Luke Roberts if the race program would be extended now that the future was secured. He replied that the decision to stop racing after the Tour of Britain was made to ensure that everyone would be paid for the whole year - which in hindsight indicates that money was indeed very tight.

So it's not "struggling with funding issues so early"; it's instead "struggling with funding issues so late". We tend to forget it, with transfers announced and team camps going on, but it's still 2015. ;)

The letter to riders & staff appears to have said (like Thill is quoted) that those with lower wages would get 100% while those with higher wages might not get their whole wages paid. Therefore I think that EB has indeed made a mountain of a molehill.

And it's all academic anyway as CULT boss Brian Sørensen has stepped up and said he'll make sure everyone gets their money: CULT-boss vil betale rytternes løn ( (in *dk)
Hats off to that. He doesn't have to do it, but he does.

As for Mr Thrill (What a GREAT name).. no me neither, but he seems to go back a long way with the usual suspects.
Thill, not Thrill. :P
Possibly (probably, even) related to the #differdange rider Tom Thill.
He hasn't been mentioned anywhere until now, which isn't the worst thing for a guy who's basically a fiduciary. And he'll be out of the whole thing in a month anyway.
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