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Re: The CULT ... of Stölting!
« Reply #60 on: December 07, 2015, 13:43 »

When the new Cult-Stolting announced their roster for 2016 was full, *se Gustav Larsson wasn't on the list.

The SVT link put through google translate explains that the Swede signed a one year contract with  #cult Cult for 2015 with an option for an additional year in 2016. He just needed to tell them if he wanted to exercise this option, which he did. Only to be told by the newly merged Cult-Stolting that they don't regard this as valid because the deal was not made with them, but the old team.

The right to contract

Larsson himself says he has one year ago signed a contract with Danish Cult which is a plus one year. If only he announces the team in the time that he wants to use his second year, he is entitled to it. And he has done, he says.

But the next season, the team has been bought by German Team Stölting, and renamed. Larsson has during the autumn had difficulties to contact the new German team managers, but have been told by email that they do not see themselves forced to fulfill his contract when he wrote it with the old team and not the new.

Something that Larsson does not agree with and has taken it further.

- Of course it does not work that way. If a company buys another, they buy the also their liabilities, for example. You buy the whole package.

Larsson has now enabled the cyclists' association CPA, Cyclistes Professionnels Associés, which has taken over the communication.

- They're trying to get to a meeting and see if we can resolve it in some way, he says.

If you would have the right and you'll get your contract with the team, you would want to run a year for them?

- Yes, of course I do. I would love to.

I'm not up on the law, but the 'new' team did go through the process of resigning, and presumably renegotiating with the 2015 neo-pros who were mid way through their two year contract.  Not sure where the law lies and suspect there is a huge grey coloured area between what is required by law and what would be moral / right thing to do. We shall see.
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