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Re: The Womens Hour
« on: February 16, 2015, 00:23 »
First of all, do we really a different thread for the men and women's Hour record?

I understand that we have different sub-forums, but it is the essence of the Hour record that has sparked my interest recently, and really nothing to do with the gender of the rider. I find the pursuit of the record interesting for its own reasons (as I've outlined the Men's thread) as the final winning time of any rider is completely irrelevant to me. Personally, I find discussing the Women's Hour much less interesting than simply discussing the Hour record itself. But that's all I've to say on the matter for now.

RE: Sarah Storey: Chasing place in history with UCI hour record

I understand that Shane is trying valiantly to increase interest in the Hour, but are these statements, in the opening of that article, really true?

In terms of concept, it’s one of the most simple in sport. In terms of effort, it’s one of the most brutal.
Riders have to go deeper than at any other point in their careers.
Breaking the record is huge for a career, but keeping it? That’s even better.

Those sentiments seem to be an extension of Merckx's oft-quoted recounting of his own attempt, but do they still apply to the efforts we've seen recently? Regarding the first two statements: I've yet to see any signs that the current attempts at the Hour are imposing the sort of suffering upon the riders that would even come close to what so many of them must endure when confronting the harsher elements of nature. As far as the third statement, is there any evidence to back that up? The whole thing has been reset as of late, so we don't really know what it will mean, if anything, to "keep" the record. Only the passage of time will determine if anyone really cares if Wiggo or someone similar sets an enduring record. I've yet to be convinced that it will leave us with anything much more than just a curiosity.

I've now just realized that everything that article begins with, and everything I've been commenting on, has nothing, whatsoever, to do with "Women's" cycling. It seems silly for this post not to be a part of the Men's Hour Record thread (and I have no intention of duplicating there).

Btw, I'm not in a bad mood, so I hope this post doesn't come off as suggesting that. I'm just sharing some thoughts.  :)
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