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Re: The Womens Hour
« on: February 28, 2015, 22:10 »
So, is Storey, for whatever reason, re-spouting the Merckxian Kool-Aid - or are all male Hour Attempters somehow super-human?!
Dunno, but watching it live, she was in a world of hurt at the end. She could barely move at all. Needed help just to walk, and then couldn't even stay seated in a chair. She appeared to be in muscle-cramp hell.

To answer your question as best I can, it would seem that either she wasn't as prepared for her outing as the men, or she simply pushed herself harder than they did. Judging by the breakdown of her effort—which showed the she actually increased her pace towards the end, in the hope of making up a deficit—I would say it is the latter of the two scenarios.

I mean, does this victorious image of Rohan Dennis look like that of a man who pushed himself to his absolute Merckxian-limit?

Compare that to this image of Sarah Storey after her attempt.

I think maybe she's just tougher than the fellas, and pushed herself harder.  :)
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