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Re: The Womens Hour
« on: February 28, 2015, 23:14 »
This is something that deserves to posted both here and in the men's thread (and another example of why I'd like the two threads to merge) but can someone explain to me just why-in-the-hell they schedule these Hour attempts to coincide with other races? 

This isn't the first time that the conclusion of an Hour attempt has been nearly identical to that of another calendar event. It's not like the UCI doesn't know how long the Hour will last, or when it should start and stop. Strike that. Based on the Mexican timing debacle, perhaps clocks are indeed as elusive as calendars when it comes to the UCI main office.

I mean, FFS, it's just so inexcusable if they're seriously trying to grow interest in the Hour, and it's so completely within their grasp to make it right. If they want to schedule these things on the same day, then great! All the better for all parities involved. If done with even the slightest bit of foresight, each event could fuel the other with increased viewing.

But no. They force the already extremely limited audience of cycling fans to chose between the two. :fp

Should such things really be so difficult to effectively coordinate?
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