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Re: The Womens Hour
« Reply #60 on: February 29, 2016, 18:28 » one bothered to post here since she did it? :slow

Ok then.  :)

Stevens sets new hour record mark, misses Longo’s all-time record

Evelyn Stevens rode 47.980km in a near perfect hour under the dome in Colorado Springs to topple Bridie O’Donnell’s current women’s world hour record by over a kilometer.

The two-time U.S. national time trial champion missed the all-time mark set by Jeannie Longo in 1996, who used “superman” position, by less than 200 meters, but now holds the official UCI hour record.
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    Re: The Womens Hour
    « Reply #61 on: February 29, 2016, 19:02 » one bothered to post here since she did it? :slow

    Ok then.  :)

    Stevens sets new hour record mark, misses Longo’s all-time record

    I was waiting for you.  Slack arse :lol
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    Re: The Womens Hour
    « Reply #62 on: April 01, 2017, 12:20 »
    At long last, given the huge plume of dense smoke rising from 4 time TdF winners BC/Sky that is now visible to even those wearing rose-tinted spectacles and rosary beads I noted a lovely article in my Friday hardcopy of the Telegraph.  Picked up on a theme  I was writing about some years ago, Flo-Jo's toxic legacy.

    On the plus side, things like jumping the furthest or highest, running the fastest over 100m 400m are "pure".  They are the ultimate in athletic endeavour.   There are no tactics; you run in separate lanes from your rivals; it is just you against the watch.  It is not 5 of you fighting to get a good run at the bar. 
    It is the same with the hour record.
    Sadly pharma aids and national politics have ruined these events.  Flo Jo's exploits, born of the Moscow/Los Angeles low points have cast a long shadow over women's short distance events, with no recovery on the horizon. The current Bolt fiasco, where one athlete is protected by an administration riding the gravy train, whilst his rivals around him, doing exactly what he is doing are repeatedly pinged, is going to leave men's sprint events in an identical hole.  That hole is, in an event with so little to commentate about, apart from absolutes, it becomes tragically and permanently flawed if the absolute is distorted.  Every Women's Olympic 100m final has the time flash up as they cross the line, together with Flo Jo's World record.  Third rate - what is to talk about, let's move on ? As one poster on the Guardian Hour article so eloquently put it, this article is all about people who broke the record, is there a story to tell about those who tried and failed?  Well of course there is, but it is not newsworthy and will never be told.   That is the problem where the event is only a measure against an absolute standard.

    The hour record has already been similarly savaged. ……………

    ……..Trumpeting an hour record is pointing the way to a  dark path that would throw away a current advantage.  Were Bolt to waltz off into the sunset with his swag bag and name in the record books, without ever being exposed, see where all that "glory" would leave men's track and field in 15 year's time.

    An hour record, regardless of bike, should be nothing anyone who wants a clean sport should support, I would rather see a resurrection of the motor pace World Champs than that.
    Whilst the online copy has a picture of Marion Jones, the hard copy goes for a super picture of Flo-Jo in her prime.  Scr*wing the whole sport over for decades to come.  That is what dopers do.  But they can only do it when the Sports Administrators provide a car with the keys in it readily available for these crooks to facilitate the heist.  The UCI at the direction of Cookson have done just that.  But then – why would any sane person have expected him to do anything different at UCI to that he was doing at BC ? 

    Silent bans existing, Cookson being not the potential president the UCI needed when compared to McQuaid,  motors in bikes being used by a good number of winners, not just evil moto-girl Femke and the hour record being a wholly negative thing for the sport.  I am not happy that I produce a narrative that is so anti what people would like to believe.  I understand why I am in a minority and am criticized as such.

    In respect to the Telegraph article – lovely apart from not going anywhere near Dame Kelly Holmes defeating a bunch of dopers to do a wonderful double and oh so cleverly dissociating Paula’s marathon exploits.  When will GB athletics start to confront its demons ?  Letting Paula sit on a commission to look at removing women's records set by Eastern Block dopers is awesome irony.

    Another Olympiad on and Bolt’s continued protection is even more obvious.  How his rivals must seethe.  Too big to fail just does not get near it.  Lizzie a silent ban;  Vos similarly before her and then riding not-to-win.  In their own small way each being exposed would have set back women’s cycling too much.  The motive for concealment had to be far bigger than the moral pygmies that administer sport could resist.

    Let me remind all of what IAAF General Secretary Nick Davies said at the time Paula's blood passport off scores were released -  those have no place in the public domain, they should be in the IAAF safe at Monaco.

    Yes Nick, along with all copies of your emails to Papa & Limine Diack.   At least Nick, you were eventually exposed as the low life scum you are.
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    Re: The Womens Hour
    « Reply #63 on: August 04, 2017, 08:46 »
    Quite sad to see the lack of action here but let me stay on the theme of this topic. 
    I have just listened to Seb Coe talking to BBC Radio 4 this morning and for any anti-doping enthusiast his theme and what he said would cause you to walk away from the sport.  To the un-initiated,  the innocent,  the message was correct.  "Dopers bad - clean runners good".  Then he faced the facts.  nobody has got near Flo-Jo's records therefore they must be "bad" and need removing from the books so that the "clean" athletes can set new ones.  Current era is clean, good testing, samples kept for 10 years, yaka yaka yaka, believe, believe believe, come through the door.  His view was that the biggest problem for the sport was not doping but staying relevant to young people.

    The BBC are appalling in their promotion of this illogical pap.

    So let's get that straight Seb.  WADA and the IAAF would have nothing if the Stepanov's had not walked in off the street and exposed Russia. Every single domino that has fallen since would still be standing.  No Russian Ban.  No "clean up" of the sport.  So that tells us anti-doping is an "intelligence test" that sets a very low bar at "intelligence" - easily defeated with passed on experience and it does not work.  There would be no Icarus, nothing of note at all.

    Flo-Jo is dead so it is easy to target her records as "dirty" to give the sport something to talk about - some new records not some second rate losers running around the track. But at the same time, "The man who saved his sport" Bolt is still alive but what was that graphic - every single one of the top 30 100m times in history have all been completed by people who have since been busted apart from Bolt's - so despite identical evidence to flo-Jo, Bolt is clean.

    And now Seb, just as Bolt waves good-bye and waltzes off with his swag bag to leave the men's sport in exactly the same place Flo-Jo left women's sport, In the same f****g interview, you hold him up as the greatest athlete of all time because he has transcended his sport and dominated it for so long, but at the same time want Flo-Jo's records expunged because she so dominated her sport the only conclusion, despite "I never tested positive" is that she must have doped.

    The hypocrisy of maintaining such opposite opinions about two identical situations at the same time, truly hit heights such that I am hard to think of a match anywhere, in any sphere at any time, let alone in a sporting context.

    It is only topped off by referring to this ethics commission that he has put Paula in charge of.

    Remind me - what female apart from Flo-Jo has a record that no-one of a 100 dopers, tooled to their eyelids with the latest and most efficacious dope,  can get near ?

    In cycling thank the good lord we only have the single disgusting hour record to use to confuse and bamboozle the innocents and not a whole sport predicated on selling lies. 

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