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Re: How many languages are you fluent in?
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:36 »
I'm fluent in *de German (native language), *dk Danish (learned from the age of 3) and *gb English (learned from the age of 11).

I have no trouble reading and understanding *se Swedish, *no Norwegian and *nl Dutch - unless the Norwegians hail from Harstad, like one of my colleagues does. But Harstadians are virtually impossible to understand even for Norwegians. :D

Due to four years of Latin in school, I can get the gist of *it Italian, *fr French, *es Spanish and *pt Portuguese texts, and understand some words of *ro Romanian.

As my mother's family come from the Czech Republic, I can make myself understood on a basic level in *cz Czech (mostly spoken though, not at all written - and I mostly only understand the gist of Czech texts when I read it out loud). Enough to get by in cafés & restaurants or asking for directions (even giving directions sometimes). Even enough to get asked questions in quick-fire Czech sometimes, giving me a blank stare. :lol

And due to the Slavic languages' close relatedness, I get a little of *pl Polish, *sk Slovakian and *ru Russian. When I hear people speak one of those languages, I can normally determine which country they're from - but not what they're actually talking about.

Did I ever mention that I have a knack for languages? ;)
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