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Re: Q&A: Egon Van Kessel Wiggle Honda DS
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2014, 17:31 »
I think that the UCI should promote Pro Tour teams to start also with women teams. I know it is  about maybe between 5 or 10% of their budget but well spend. Now they spend a lot of money for in fact nothing. When Pro Tour Teams have a women Team, it would be much more professional and women cycling more visible.

One thing ive long voiced is that womens ranking points should somehow be incorporated into the mens world tour rankings.

So for instance, Greenedge's world tour ranking is X pts and X position, as they have a womens team their womens points rankings should be incorporated into their overall ranking, so that teams who have a womens team actually benefit as far as WT ranking goes.

If the UCI presses ahead with their ideas for divisions and promotion/relegation, then for teams who have a womens team this could prove the difference between staying in the top level and being relegated.

There could be an argument that this would somehow make the womens team nothing more than a source of points for the mens, and they would lose some "independance" but it could also be a way to encourage top level mens team to invest in a womens team, especially those teams that are on the cusp of the rankings each year.

Obviously some sort of rejigging as to how the points are allocated would be needed, as points are awarded much higher in the womens races.

For instance:
Giant Shimano women - 6th with 1914 pts, which is more than  the #1 mens team movistar have, so its currently unbalanced, but if womens race pts were more aligned with the mens

For instance, Lotto belisol are 15th on the mens rankings, which is borderline under the proposed rules to be "relegated", but add in the points from their womens team (11th) in the rankings, and they would move up and retain their place in the top level of mens racing courtesy of the womens performance
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