The younger cousin of that race from Iran that shan't be speaketh of in this thread, the inaugural edition Heydar Aliyev Anniversary Tour is a five day stage race which takes place around Baku and the foothills of the Greater Caucasus. It will take place from the 9th to the 13th May and is the first professional cycling event in Azerbaijan. The Heydar Aliyev Anniversary Tour is for riders under 23 years and provide them to upraising their careers. The racing style is that continental teams from middle Europe pits against national teams from eastern Europe and middle Asia.

Forgotten Australia by the looks of it

1. Sumqayit Club (AZE)
3 MIRI, Mohammad
5 SOLTANI, Saber
6 TAGHIYEV, Kurban
Dir. Sportif: MUSTAFAYEV, Gafur

2. ATA Sport Club BAKU (AZE)
12 EGLIN, Joel
13 HORSTMANN, Samuel
15 KELLER, Sven Arend
16 SOLTANI, Behrouz
Dir. Sportif: HIRS, Daniel

3. Specialized Concept Store Team (GER)
22 BUCHMANN, Emanuel
23 EGGER, Mike
24 KOCH, Jonas
25 SCHNAIDT, Fabian
26 VOGT, Mario
Dir. Sportif: TAEUMLER, Hartmut

4.Diputacion de
31 PEREZ MARTIN, Juan Ignacio
Dir. Sportif: ARROYO HERNANDEZ, Roberto Carlos

5. Itera Katusha U23 (RUS)
41 TATARINOV, Gennady
42 MEZHECHEV, Aleksandr
43 GRIGOREV, Aleksandr
44 YATSEVICH, Kirill
45 ALEKHIN, Sergey
46 KATYRIN, Roman
Dir. Sportif: Popov, Evgeny

6. Samara SHVSM (RUS)
51 VERNIDUB, Dmitry
52 ZYUKIN, Kirill
54 SULIMOV, Alexander
Dir. Sportif: VODYANIKOV, Alexey

7. ISD – Donetsk Region (UKR)
61 DZHUS, Volodymyr
62 BAKUMENKO, Vladyslav
63 VOLOVOD, Dmytro
64 VASILYEV, Maksym
Dir. Sportif: MYRZA, Mykola

8. Belarus National Team (BLR)
71 ZHAROVEN, Mikita
72 RAHEL, Pavel
74 MALEI, Ignat
76 ANTONAU, Aliaksandr
Dir. Sportif: SENIUSHKIN, Yauheni

9. Kazakhstan National Team (KAZ)
81 AKANOV, Tynys
82 KULIMBETOV, Hurbolat
83 SEMYONOV, Roman
84 KOZHATAYEV, Baktiyar
85 BIZHIGITOV, Zhandos
86 MAIDOS, Tilegen
Dir. Sportif: ISKAKOV, Beibt

10. Moldavian National Team (MDA)
91 RAILEANU, Cristian
92 TANOVITCHI, Nicolae
93 COZONAC, Eugen
94 GAC, Mihail
95 RUSNAC, Maxim
96 VRABII, Andrei
Dir. Sportif: Oala Alexandru

11. Riga School of Cycling (RRS) (LAT)
101 BARTUSEVIČS, Rihards
102 REITERS, Uldis
103 JIRGENSONS, Mārtiņš
104 KAULS, Matīss
105 PUJATS, Artis
106 ZĪLE, Pauls
Dir. Sportif: BĀRENIS, Aigars

12. Gediminas Gruodis (LTU)
111 SAVICKAS, Zydrunas
112 SISKEVICIUS, Paulius
113 KALINA, Talius
114 BLIAKEVICIUS, Martynas
116 MORKUNAS, Vidmantas
Dir.Sportif: JUCHNEVIČIUS, Vytautas

13. Velo Club Sovac
131 AMARI, Bilel
132 BARBARI, Adel
133 DAHMANE, Abdesslam
134 HAMZA, Mohamed Kamel
135 MERDJ, Hamza
136 HAMZA, Fayçal
Dir. Sportif: HAMZA, Malek

14. Team Vorarlberg (AUT)
141 GAUGL, Florian
142 HOFER, Andreas
143 RINNER, Daniel
144 SCHULER, Remo
145 WAUCH, Dennis
Dir. Sportif: KOFLER, Johannes

15. Rucanor-Line Cycling Team (NED)
151 KERKHOF, Tim
152 DE MAN, Jaap
153 ELZING, Adrik
155 KALDENBACH, Jeroen
Dir.Sportif: LEEMANS, Jaques

16. Centre Mondial du Cyclisme (SUI)
171 BENOUA, Mohamed Reda
172 CISSÉ, Isiaka
173 DRONIN, Roman
174 MAHMOUDI, Amine
175 REGUIGUI, Youcef
Dir. Sportif: HENRY, Jean-Jacques

17. Australia National Team (AUS)
181 DOUGALL, Nicholas
182 BISSAKER, Edward
183 KERBY, Jordan
184 LOVELOCK-FAY, Mitchell
185 EDWARDS, David
186 LAW, Jackson
Dir. Sportif: SANDERS, David

18. Borno Cycling Team (NGR)
191 EFUNSHILE, Emmanuel Oluwasegun
192 OJINMAH, Prince Uzoma
193 ADEYEMI, Odunay Peter
194 CHUKWU, Ekene Moses
195 OGAZI, Victor Ikechukwu
196 OBINALI, Azubuike Emmanuel
Dir. Sportif: GARUBA, Musa

Leaders jerseys

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    The route-

    Stage 1- TTT

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

    Stage 5
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  • DinZ

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    Is that a speed bump they are going over on stage 4?

    no wonder the grown up race is in Iran.
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  • ram

    Yeah, still scouring out info about the race. Not too much around admittedly. Watch out for Fabian Schnaidt of Specialized concept store, he's got a decent sprint in him. Maybe Jono could reveal some info about the Aussie lot.
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  • DinZ

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    Mitchell Lovelock-Fay won tour of Thailand
    he got sprints jersey at U23 nationals as well
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  • ram

    Some Baku photographs, as the first two days start from here-
    Shirvanshah Palace

    Leyili and Manjun fountain

    Baku Government House
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  • ram

    Stage 1, TTT, Results Men
    1Itera Katusha U230.36.3800.00.00
    2Kazakhstan National Team0.36.4300.00.04
    3Specialized Conzept Store0.36.5400.00.15
    4Samara SHVSM0.36.5900.00.20
    5Australia National Team0.36.59 00.00.20
    6Centre Mondial du Cyclisme0.37.0900.00.30
    7ISD-Donetsk Region 0.37.1400.00.35
    8Team Vorarlberg0.37.30 00.00.52
    9Riga School of Cycling 0.37.5000.01.11
    10Diputacion de Avila-Smilek  0.38.1300.01.34
    11Sport Club Baku 0.38.16 00.01.37
    12Belarus National Team 0.38.2600.01.47
    13Velo Club Sovac0.38.2900.01.50
    14Rucanor-Line Cycling Team 0.38.3600.01.57
    15Moldavian National Team0.38.39 00.02.00
    16Gediminas Gruodis0.39.11 00.02.32
    17Sumqayit Club0.40.3500.03.56
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  • ram

    Women's startlist, which is not U23 by the way-
    1LESNYK, OksanaUkraine
    2PROKOFYEVA, AlenaMoscow MGFSO
    3KOSTER, ClaudiaSengers Ladies Cycling Team
    4HANSELMANN, NicoleBigla
    5PAVLUKHINA, OlenaUkraine
    6ROOIJAKKERS, PaulienaDolmans-Boels Cyclingteam
    7BAITLEUOVA, MarzhanKazakhstan National team
    8SHARGA, OlenaUkraine
    9SCHREURS, GeerikeSengers Ladies Cycling Team
    10SOSNA, KatazinaLithunania National team
    11MISHINA, MariaMoscow MGFSO
    12HRANAIOVA, KatarinaBigla
    13TROTT, EmmaDolmans-Boels Cyclingteam
    14FRASER, ClaireGUYANA national team
    15SOSENKO, AlksandraLithunania National team
    16CHALIKH, ElenaDolmans-Boels Cyclingteam
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  • ram

    Elena Chalikh, of Dolmans-Boels Cycling, won the women's ITT (26km) ahead of Olena Pavlukina, Ukraine, by 35 seconds. The table's too large, and the results are available here anyway
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  • ram

    Kazakhstan's TT

    Itera Katusha at the same spot

    Victorious rider, well he crossed the line first, Alexsandr Grigorev

    Tural Isgandarov. No, I'm not questioning what he's so excited by.

    A pretty pointless report with nothing substantial-

    The Itera Katusha U23 (RUS) blazed to a 4-second victory in the team time trial to put Aleksandr Grigorev into the overall lead after the opening stage of the Heydar Aliyev Anniversary Tour of Azerbaijan (UCI 2.2).
    18 teams started in the 30-kilometer race against the clock with the Itera Katusha U23 Team clocking a time of 36 minutes and 38 seconds. The Kazakhstan National Team finished second. Specialized Concept Store Team was third, 15 seconds slower. As the first rider from the Itera Katusha U23 Team to cross the line, Grigorev donned the blue jersey of race leader. "The whole team worked well together and we were really strong," Grigorev said.

    The 20 year-old all rounder, said he is realistic about his chances of keeping the lead in the five-day race that features one mountain-top finish. "The stages here are challenging and really difficult," Grigorev said. "But we will do everything to keep the jersey within the team."
    Itera Katusha's Sports Director and former pro Evgeny Popov said "we didn't see ourselves as the top favorite of today with so many strong teams, but we did it and I am proud of our boys. Anything is possible for the upcoming days, we have some riders who are able to fight for the end victory, we will see."

    Elena Chalik celebrating the Chaliking

    Chalik with Pavlukhina (Ukraine) and Aleksandra Sosenko of Lithuania
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  • ram

    Stage 2 update from the Heydar Aliev Tour Azerbaijan feed-
    Race update stage 2; 40 riders in front after 110 km race. Very attractive race so far

    What is attractive? Should I feel Isgandarov like attraction?
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  • ram

    Diego Rubio Hernandez (Esp) wins the stage and Youcef Reguigui (Alg) takes over the lead in the GC
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  • Dim

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    really only 16 women :o

    Dolmans-Boels should win it for the women, bit dissapointed with Emma's time in the time trial though. Shes normally a pretty strong time triallist.
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  • ram

    Yeah, seemed crazy when I saw the list. It is the first time the race is being held, so that may well be a reason. Possibly have to add this in the intro.
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  • ram

    Stage 2 Results-
    1RUBIO HERNANDEZ, DieDiputacion04.41.39
    2REGUIGUI, YoucefCentre Mond12"
    3SAVICKAS, ZydrunasGediminas13"
    4DZHUS, VolodymyrISD-Donetsk01'13"
    5DOUGALL, NicholasAustralia N01.15
    6BUCHMANN, EmanuelSCS Specialized01'21"
    7GAUGL, FlorianTeam Vorarl01'21"
    8KOZHATAYEV, BaktiyarKazakhstan01'26"
    9YATSEVICH, KirillItera Katus01'26"
    10KATYRIN, RomanItera Katus03'13"
    The race was splintered all the way through, and there wasn't really a main group judging by the results, which are available here.

    Photos from stage 2
    Baku, the start and some more Hayder Aliev promotion


    Ali Askbous of Sumqayit

    Dunno who

    Die Rubio Hernandez winning-

    and later on the podium-

    Youcef Reguigui, the new leader in the GC, on the podium
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    U23 Stage 2 report

    Today’s second stage of the Heydar Aliyev Anniversary Tour covered 176 kilometres from Baku to Ismayilli. Diego Rubio Hernandez (ESP), of Diputación de Àvila -, won the stage, and Youcef Reguigui (ALG), riding for the Centre Mondial du Cyclisme, took the lead in the general classification.
    With many riders trying to escape right from the start, the race broke up early today. After 20 kilometres the peloton split into two groups, and the first of them, with 28 riders, rapidly built up a lead of around two minutes.
    Several riders tried to attack out of the front group, and after the first mountain sprint four managed to escape. The break grew to six riders and built up a gap of more than a minute.
    After about 90 kilometres of racing, the second group, led by Diputación de Àvila - (a team run by 2008 Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre), chased down the group ahead and then reeled in the six-man break as well.
    Just after the second intermediate sprint, five riders attacked, but only one managed to stay away, Zydrunas Savickas (LTU - Gediminas Gruodis). He was joined by group of 8 riders on the final climb. In the difficult run-in to Ismayilli, three riders attacked out of the nine: Rubio, Reguigui and  Savickas. In the last kilometre, Rubio managed to escape from his companions and crossed the finish line solo, 12 seconds ahead of Reguigui, who took over the lead from Aleksandr Grigorev (RUS).

    “The stage started very fast,” said Rubio. “There was an early break with no À rider in it, so we had to chase and it took me time to recover. I came to this race intending to do something, and I had good legs today. The stage was very long, very hard and very hot, but I got a good stage win today. From now on, I’ll just take the race day by day.”
    “I wasn’t thinking of the race lead today,” said new overall leader Reguigui. “I was only thinking about the stage win. I worked hard with the other riders in the breakaway, but I couldn’t follow Diego Rubio’s attack. Finding myself in the race leader’s jersey is a nice surprise. As for defending my lead, I’ll follow the advice of my sports director.”
    “I am very pleased to be the best Azerbaijani cyclist today,” said Kurban Taghiyev (Sumqayit Club). “This is my first competitive race, and it was long and hard but I am happy to have done it. To catch up with the best, I think we need just a bit more training and experience. There are many strong cyclists here, and a very exciting race is ahead of us.”

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  • Jono L.

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    This is from the Aussie teams mechanic

    "Big day for the boys yesterday. They wee very tired at dinner time. Still managed a few laughs.nick was 5th and dave12th. Mitch rode like he was going to steal it in the first half but the climbs were taking their toll on everyone. It was clear it was going to be a last man standing event. Another big day today. We are confident we can get a podium here go home."
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  • ram

    Good effort from Nick Dougall then, he'd still not be legal for drinking in some parts here :D

    A bit of a dodgy question Jono, is there, or how much of, a prevalence of age fraud is there in such races? Certainly happens here in India in domestic under age events.
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  • DinZ

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    Nick Dougall rides for Eclipse cycling team i think.
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  • ram


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    That could be an effeminate male with a pony tail, you never know. Never judge a book by the back cover, the front cover is okay, and reading it is too long winded.
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  • Tuart

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    Beggars can't be choosers :D

    Bissacker or Kerby for the Rider btw but I'm terrible matching faces to small photos
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  • ram

    What does the colour of hair under the lid say? THat's an easily distinguishable feature for the two.
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  • Jono L.

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    Good effort from Nick Dougall then, he'd still not be legal for drinking in some parts here :D

    A bit of a dodgy question Jono, is there, or how much of, a prevalence of age fraud is there in such races? Certainly happens here in India in domestic under age events.
    Don't know to be honest. Never really thought about it. There were plenty of extra hairy 16 year old Italians when I was in Italy, but I thought it was just their heritage :-\ ;D
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  • ram


    At the start-

    Red- Baktiyar Kozhatayev
    Green-Rubi Hernandez
    Blue- Yucef Reguigui

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    Apparently, with 50 km to go, a 1 minute 50 second lead for a group of 9 riders
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  • ram

    Official feed-
    18 km to the finish, 9 riders in the break; Egger, Gonzalez De La, Grigorev, Vernidub, Akanov, Pujats, Rinner and Derby. Time gap 1'30 min
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