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Re: The 2015 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« on: December 19, 2014, 22:04 »
no, it's because the rules changed. Last year they said "All riders are available to choose; however, riders who have been suspended for doping and had that affect their 2013 score will not be available simply for their 2013 score." So it just said "suspended", not whether by UCI, Wada, Nada or whoever

...while it's based on the list of the UCI this year.

skidmark has also clarified that on cn:

"this means that riders that have been sanctioned by their national ADAs but for some reason not by UCI are available for their 2014 price. And yes, this means that two prominent, high-scoring 'ambiguous case' riders are available at their 2014 price."

Yeah, apologies if this affects plans that have been made already. I had to choose a clear way forward and there are going to be a few bumps for people regardless of what I chose to do. My hope is that it's just clearer criteria for everyone.
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