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Re: The 2015 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« on: December 31, 2014, 23:08 »
Hey, so I've gotten the final, official update from CQ that came out today. There were changes made, and also small races that happened between the last update in November and now. Here is the updated 'create your team' spreadsheet with the official numbers that will be used for the game.

Be sure to use it to check; I have also updated the link in post #1 of this thread to reflect these changes. Currently 4 of the 19 teams submitted before today have been put over 7500 points by these changes - all of these people will receive PMs today.

On a related note, if your team is over the 7500 limit (because of changes in CQ points if it was submitted before the final update, or because of miscalculation on your part) I will send you a PM and you will have the chance to change your team up to the deadline - since many teams are submitted in the final day I may not notice this until after the deadline if there's a backlog to process. So if you're handing in last minute, it's especially imperative that you be careful that you're using the right numbers. If your team is over and I haven't heard your changes by deadline time, I will simply remove one rider that brings you below 7500 while keeping you closest to it.

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