Which will be the last PCT team to get a win?

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Re: The 2015 Winners and Not So Winners List
« Reply #30 on: December 01, 2015, 10:04 »
O.M.F.G. Froome nominated for personality of the year.

Sure, and he has the personality of my shoe just after I've stepped in sh*t. OMG, it stinks. Oh, but hey! If thats what they want, let them have it. It stinks to me.

Heh, as one of the 'they' mentioned I felt I ought to comment  :P ... SPOTY is a law unto itself; I mean how how in the hell to chose between different sports in the first place  It's that weird thing where a panel of 'experts' draw the long list and then the great British Public get their say. So yes the candidates are there for 'sporting prowess and the GBP usually vote with their heart.  We love a good tryer, we love a bit of success, we like a personality... So I guess that like the last time Chris F was nominated (and it's right that he was), he probably won't win.
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