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Re: Tracey Gaudry Q & A
« Reply #30 on: November 28, 2015, 19:06 »
Cookson outlines his plan for women's cycling during an in depth interview session - we are not talking "tokenism" here - no sirreee.

So if I heard that correctly and I did because I wrote it down on the second time I heard it because I could not believe I heard it right the first time.

We are going to get "something like a minimum wages in 2 or 3 years". 

So I can't employ a cleaner to help me tidy up a bit at work without paying them the minimum wage.  You can't register a team with the UCI and hire a male cyclist without paying a minimum wage, but the man who made it part of his manifesto pledge in 2013 that within a year there would be a minimum wage for women cyclists says in his great plan we are going to try and "improve visibility of women's cycling" so that in some vague undefined time into the future, there might be something that is like a minimum wage. 

If the new plan is to "improve the visibility of women's cycling" now, what was it before ? 

Let's cut to the chase here.  Tracey ran scared from this Q&A session.  Fluff pieces and being a rare female amongst men in a male orientated sport is good fun providing you are not trying to do something difficult.  Sorting out women's cycling is something difficult and will require some moral courage.  Cookson is two years into his term and is now saying that his  "by the end of year one" pledge is going to be introduced in diluted form at some vague far off point in, probably not in his term.   

With respect, all the excuses for "why not" were all well known well prior to 2013.  The question for both Gaudry and Cookson is, why aren't you committing to making the tough decisions that you knew you would need to make in 2013 if a minimum wage was to be introduced in 12 months, or did you just think we would all forget; because it is a non-answer to say you could not see the problems that lay ahead.  They were the same problems that have lain in front of women's cycling since the late 90's when it became global and you Tracy were participating.

Staggering bit.  I found that clip taken there by Cookson promoting on his twitter feed his masterplan for women's cycling.  38 seconds of it. #something to be proud of   .  I think not.

How about #taking the p i s s ?
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