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Race highlight videos
« on: February 23, 2015, 07:04 »
many of us have busy or busier lives and part of that means less time to watch live

but we may want spoiler free last 10 km or highlights. In this day and age that is hard to come by, so our video library become very important

and it is another feature to get people here, and they may post more etc etc, plus more page hits should equal more pay to run the site

It is pretty simple


race highlights

Find the race

hit add Item


This doesn´t really work

Latest Videos

Stage 2
Stage 1
Stage 3
Stage 2

race name year stage  ie Ruta del sol 15-1 but that does

I then add a video to the thread as well

what to do if there is not race set up -

ask a staff but maybe we need a universal so that people have a place to add them with 0 stress, maybe a staff can address this

anyway what say you ?
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