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Re: "Interesting" frame
« on: March 17, 2015, 15:35 »
You've got a frame with chain stays piercing two carbon fibre butt cheeks and a set of carbon fibre boobs just behind the head tube and you reckon that the seat and bar position look a bit funny????   ;) ;) ;)

That said, you're right ... and why would you ever put on a set back seatpost and slam the saddle forward?? Wont even start on not having the tops of the Ergo levers parallel to the ground ...

BTW - do you think that we should be worried by the fact that, in the rest of the internet, people will be getting all hot under the collar about the sexist nature of the frame or getting all excited about how sexy it looks, and we're discussing seat and bar positions????   :o :o :o

(My answer is "no, they're the ones with the issues ...")

At first glance, I saw a rather odd bike. The "woman" in it didn't appear on second glance (Campag) or even third glance (bizarro frame consisting of composite tubes). I don't know if that makes me sexist or just stupid. I hope the latter, for at least then I can be forgiven by a ruthless culture! :P

Contrary to what dry discussions about bike setup might suggest, cycling is kind of psychosexual for me, but I can't identify with the designer/builder's premise. He may be making allusions to that, but it didn't connect the dots to where it is in my head. That is a far murkier place.

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