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Bjarne Riis has, if nothing else, a spectacular record of securing funding for top level cycling teams.

And let's not forget, he has his own funding in terms of the money he pocketed a) selling out to Oleg and b) (presumably, if he gets fired for results and not "methods") a pay-off of some description.

Someone suggested, either on Twitter on in the shoutbox, that he should wait for Team Oleg to implode and then buy it for nothing and start again. Which sounds like a timeline that might match up with his ban from the ADD.
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  • He shook his head sadly and told me that endemic drug use had compelled him to give up a promising career. "Even one small local race, prize was a salami, and I see doping!" - Tim Moore: Gironimo (Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy)


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