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Re: Womens Race previews
« on: April 28, 2015, 07:35 »
Perhaps all of these should be in the 'smaller race thread'? To be honest, I can't see any of them attracting more than 4 posts each (including preview and results), which may not be worth starting a thread for. See Westhoek and Borssele, same situation really.

I could do Overijssel I suppose, always easy to have race websites in Dutch ;)

I see what you are saying my idea was every new thread gets tweets, stickied and most featured on the front page

It also makes linking to calender easy

My hope is people will read it, see the tweets etc and think, these guys do a good job, maybe I should post some news and get involved, seems a quiet and calm place

the mass threads we did last year sUcked to navigate so thought I would try a different approach

I have no guess at what works best and what will attract new womens fans to get involved , IF me or someone adds a few post say 3-5 and a winners link we get about 500 views over 15 posts 1000 views which is pretty good

our FW thread had more views that the mens before the race started FWIW

So not sure the best way forward TBH

But I know if I see a race and post some info 2 or 3 others do the same it feels a lot more enjoyable, but seeing a thread after being away for the weekend with no new posts does the opposite

* on that note I will be very limited internet time from tomorrow until Monday again FWIW  ;)
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