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Ok, here we go: a pic of the old lever sets I have left.

On the right you see the two-piece unit together. On the left, the inner lever is removed for use. In the center, that piece has already had the lever top broken off.

You can see the left side of the larger section has an upside down u-shaped foot. This fits on one side of a rim. The other foot (hook-shaped) is slid over the tire and used to pull the clincher wire of the tire up and into the rim bed.

The two units posted by CC use the same sort of action - one foot sits on the rim opposite the side you are trying to mount. And the other leg uses that as leverage to pull the tire into the rim bed. The new ones I got (mentioned previously) from Crank Bros use a single plastic tool and a different action - but I got them to work better than just using my thumbs!

You can see that the install end has a channel section. This fits on the rim on the mounting side - and you slide it around - pushing the tire up and into the rim bed. I found soap and water to be a help on that action! And, CrankBros doesn't mention this usage, but I actually found the lever end more useful for remounting. Because it has that small lip on the back side of the lever - you can "catch" that lip on the mounting side rim edge, and use the lever in a reverse action to install the tire that last few inches that are so hard. Using two of these, with one used on the install side, and the 2nd used to lever the tire up and over - mounting was pretty easy.
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