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Re: OLD Raleigh "barn find" - HOW old?
« on: September 14, 2015, 16:28 »
Oy, DIRTY. But, ok, cleaned some of it off. Enough so I can post more details. Steel cottered cranks, with the Raleigh heron cutouts. Raleigh heron front light mount on the headset. Raleigh branded block pedals. (you know, the old rubber block basic pedals).

Pretty sure the model is Sport Light Roadster. Hard to read what is left of that decal.

Pretty sure I was wrong about the headbadge being a decal - it is just missing. It appears that the remains of the rivets are still in the frame, but the headbadge is gone.

Frame serial number 69938. According to Sheldon's pages, that could put it as early as 1900, but apparently Raleigh was not above reusing serial numbers at some points after WW2.

My guess is '50's. Possibly as late as 1960 - since after that year the block pedals were not branded. Also, it has the BB oil hole on the left side, which puts it early 50's.

The chaincase is gone.

I'm guessing a bit, but from looking at the 1951 catalog, this model may have come with the one-speed gearing as the absolute basic stock option, sold for 13 pounds, 14 shillings, and 5 pence.  I think the exchange rate back then was pretty high, but still under $50 brand new US.

You know, I might clean it up and put it back roadworthy just to do it. I think all the bearings are in good enough shape. Chains are replaceable. It will need a saddle - the original Brooks got replaced by an American Messinger - black plastic mattress POS. I'm not going to bother with the fenders. Or maybe I will. atm they are somewhat munged out of shape, but I might be able to knock them back in - then again - maybe not - as they have the worst rust on the whole thing. I think I will take them off and set them aside for now. That way, if I decide to use them later, that can be done.

I think this bike actually got a fair amount of use at some point in its life. The "Raleigh" imprint on the pedals is almost worn off - and the saddle got replaced.
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