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some more about riders struggling with the heat, from Norwegian press, basically agreeing to what I said the other day, that it's mainly a problem of a lack of professionalism


According to the Norwegians have really riders who have collapsed and been carried away only themselves to blame.

- I think it's about poor preparation. That is my opinion. I do not know what they've done, but I saw few U23- and junior riders at the airport when I arrived last Tuesday. Coming the day before competition, then you have a problem. In any case, whether you come from Northern Europe, and it is not so hot in Southern Europe now that you are acclimatized when you come here. So it requires an effort. But it's too expensive for associated travel here and be here long. So one must weigh the bit and cons. But there is also a lot you can do at home. But the fact that people collapsing ... I think it's because of some poor preparation.

It believes Amund Grondahl Jansen - one of the big outsiders at U23 mass start Thursday.

Ole Forfang, now recovered from severe stomach cramps on Monday and Tuesday, agrees.

- It's probably more that they have prepared themselves poor. Are you a little bad to drink in a training, for example, so know one very. We've been down here a long time now because of the heat. If we just drink enough nor enough water whatsoever, so is not really heat such a big problem. Are you a little careless, so it can go bad.

- Is Norway better prepared than others?

- In the U23 side we are probably better prepared. Among the pros, there are plenty pretty similar, but there are many Under-23 nations that have not made the same preparations in the heat as we have.

While most Norwegian riders have been in Qatar for over a week already, it is far from everyone else who is equally early.

The French senior riders, for example, does not come to Doha until late Wednesday night - and that despite the fact that they, among other things with the big favorites Nacer Bouhanni and Arnaud Démare the squad.

Junior riders were not in place long before the competition either, which perhaps explains how this year's European champion in pace, Alexys Brunel managed to be number 34 on Tuesday.

Kristoffer Halvorsen, one of gold favorites on Thursday, agrees with his colleagues on the Norwegian team.

- I also think it's about that one is ill prepared. It's hot, but do you do things right in advance, then it goes here very well.

...although EBH yesterday still finished way down the order in the time trial as he suffered from the heat :D. But well, that's a different story I guess - he wasn't able to show his potential, but (as far as I know) his health was not at risk
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