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Has it been said that each rider are provided "ice-vest"?

The Gazet van Antwerpen showed a picture of Victor Campenaerts on their front page with such a vest on. Each rider also has 18 bidons...

According to the Belang van Limburg, it comes from clothing manufacturer "Bioracer", a Limburgish company. Raymond Verstraeten, CEO of Bioracer explains that it is a kind of synthetic towel - Intercooler Top -  in the undershirt which once it's humid keeps the body temperature cool. the vest is put in iced water just before the start. It can be reactivated during the race by bidons.

Three Etixx rider raced with it during the TTT. Martin wasn't one of them but in the meantime he got one for the ITT.

Peter Hespel is an effort physiologist who is not surprised at the display shown by riders cooked by the sun and expects a lot more victims.

Riders in Doha are sweating more than normal whereby the blood volume lowers down. Their heart pumps less blood per minute and in the end their heart beat and blood pressure drop. Riskier is overheating. The body temperature can go well beyond 37°C. As a consequence the brains may be hit and the body thermostat as well. The rider then stops sweating and loses drink stimulus. He then gets a heat stroke whereby his coordination ability gets lost and he gets disoriented. If you don't look out, the Tom Simpson scenario is possible, he warns.  :o

If the UCI keep their project, the men are racing 253k and women 138k. "Absurdity" says Hespel "Judging from what we saw during the ITT, it can only get worse in the in-line race. The riders who will have to retire from the race after they had put their leader in front might get saved but for those who have to give themselves out, the heat-exhaustion lays on the lurk."

Van Avermaet said he can handle that heat (front page of the Belang van Limburg)

The front page of the Belang's sport extra features a bbig picture of Tony Martin of course and also the headline: "Riders are cooked by the heat"

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