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Enzo Wouters aged 20 is the second Belgian rider hit by the heat.  :(

Again he started to hyper-ventilating, that was with 3k to go, reached the finish with foam on the mouth, panted for breath. On the line he just left his bike. Afterwards he does not remember what went on.

Doc Kris Van der Mieren said that the problem with Enzo is that he had to race one lap and a half without drinking. It's not easy to give a bidon to a rider in the finale. Enzo got an infustion and got his senses back immediately.

Doctor forbade Jasper Philipsen to race today. Jasper wanted to and felt like he could. He did everything he could to persuade the doc. Personally I'm relieved. I understand that a young kid like him is eager to race but it was a wise decision by the doc. I would be worried if he were racing. 

I wouldn't let my children ride and so I don't let Jasper do it.

Belang van Limburg

In the Nieuwsblad, Enzo admitted making a mistake to race through. At the end he felt really stuffy. And he was told that his body temperature was 40°C  :o Jean-Pierre Dubois, national coach for U23 said he was for a little while unconscious. He tried to keep standing but fell in the arms of soigneurs and was transported in an ambulance.

It's also been said that in the feed zone many riders missed the bidons. Feeding would be crucial during the pro races.

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