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Still havent watched a single second of footage out of principle, its a disgrace that its even hosted there... Money talks  bullsh*t walks.
There are a lot of allegations concerning corruption and bribes in the UCI related to the Quatar worlds, but I think it doesn't have to be that way at all. There is a much simpler explanation, the price tag for hosting the worlds is ridiculously high, and the Quataris (Quatars?) were the only ones that were prepared to pay the full price. Other host cities bargain with the UCI and pay less. I don't know (don't remember) the numbers but Bergen's applications did not have the budget for paying full price, and that is the norm. You never pay retail, if you are buying a cycling championship- unless you're from Arabia.

However, there is a huge difference between a competitive bidding process in which money is the only criterion that is being considered, and corruption. If it was corruption you'd blame both parties, but for the poorly designed process of selecting the next location for the world championship, the responsibility is with UCI alone. They should have some filters applies before it comes to the bidding: "is there a cycling club in your country", "have you seen a cycling fan before", "do you have a national championship, for how many years?" "What does a hill look like ?" Etc :)
Hopefully the money UCI earns from the oversize Arabian host fee payment will be spent on something useful for the sport. From a sporting perspective I am ambivalent despite Norwegian medals: these races lack something we had in Firenze, Pontferrada and Richmond - and most recently, in Rio.
I don't think cycling really needs the world championships in the years with Olympic Games. The Olympics make the world championship a secondary event, of less sporting value. If you agree to that perspective, then you can maybe also see the point that selling that second-rate product to a party that is willing to pay full price is probably an exceptional business deal for the UCI. One does not need to invoke corruption to explain it.
As for the sporting perspective, I think there is a positive long term effect: the worlds in Bergen next year will be better - as more of the best racers will make it a top priority, compared to this year, when many prioritized the Olympics. Come see it for yourselves :)

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