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Good pointers... I always get bent out of shape worrying that the winner will be a dud, not really fit to wear the bands, I know if you win you have earned them, but in this most inauspicious set of Champs races I am hopeful that a 'deserver' gets 12 months of bliss.  So for gentle arguments sake, for me, the above would fall into the following categories:

Well deserving of Perpetual Rainbow cuffs (obvs some are already owners): :cool
Greipel / Cav / Tomeke/ Sagan / GvA / Degenkolb (just)

Probably will elevate to that group in a few years but it is tooooooo soon: :shh
Gaviria, Bling, Groenewegen

The Rui Costa Partial Dud but better than Valverde group: ;)
Terps, Kitt, Demare

The Please please please dont let it be them for a variety of reasons group: :o
Kristoff / Bouh / Viv /

Fair comment?

I am almost exactly opposite in my preferences: I want an underdog to win just about every race, and when it's a race where people get sniffy about "undeserving" winners, I slightly perversely want some random nobody to win. I'd quite enjoy the outrage if some third or fourth rank sprinter gets to wear the bands for year.
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