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On today's women's race: Dideriksen is a surprising winner, nice to see a young talent announce herself in a big way like this. The Dutch controlled the race but made two small mistakes: letting Neben attack without any Dutch rider with her, and Wild going a bit too early. They missed 1 person in their train, despite a brilliant lead-out effort from Van Dijk in particular.

Some strange tactics from the riders from Italy and Germany, who both didn't really have a sprint favourite yet rode as though they had: very defensive, refusing to take over when following an attack. It was too bad, as that meant the Dutch and Neben were the only ones interested in making something out of this race, and those efforts were ultimately in vain. Australia and Belgium had a free ride until the finish, but I guess the race was harder than it looked because both Hosking and D'Hoore were nowhere near at the sprint.

Overall probably the worst women's WC RR I've ever seen. Pointless parcours, which really devalues the rainbow jersey. Not that Dideriksen is an unworthy winner - she was a worthy winner on an unworthy parcours.

Good pointers... I always get bent out of shape worrying that the winner will be a dud, not really fit to wear the bands, I know if you win you have earned them, but in this most inauspicious set of Champs races I am hopeful that a 'deserver' gets 12 months of bliss.  So for gentle arguments sake, for me, the above would fall into the following categories:

Well deserving of Perpetual Rainbow cuffs (obvs some are already owners): :cool
Greipel / Cav / Tomeke/ Sagan / GvA / Degenkolb (just)

Probably will elevate to that group in a few years but it is tooooooo soon: :shh
Gaviria, Bling, Groenewegen

The Rui Costa Partial Dud but better than Valverde group: ;)
Terps, Kitt, Demare

The Please please please dont let it be them for a variety of reasons group: :o
Kristoff / Bouh / Viv /

Fair comment?

I do like to see the rainbow jersey on a big rider, preferably either a GT contender or a cobbled classics contender. Seeing it on Cavendish or Kittel wouldn't feel right to me, but Greipel I do like and respect so I'm just a hypocrit. I would definitely prefer any random rider winning the jersey in an attack over a big name sprinter winning it though. Except that's definitely not going to happen, unfortunately.

And unlike you, I would love Valverde to win the rainbows before he retires. Besides Sagan there is not one rider more prominently present in the peloton throughout many different races - and different kinds of races - than Alejandro is. He would honour the jersey more than anyone.

Just please, anyone but Boonen. Nothing against the guy, but the Sporza commentators would be insufferable next spring.

And Lefevre would be happy. I hate it when Lefevre is happy.
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