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Unsung Heroes of the Peloton - the domestique thread
« on: November 10, 2015, 13:37 »
Inspired by @cyclingmole aka. David Hunter's series on the unsung heroes of the peloton, starting with #lotto Stig Broeckx, let's use this thread to honour those who never win, but without whom their leaders wouldn't ever win, either: The domestiques.

Unsung Heroes of the Peloton (I): Stig Broeckx
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    Thanks for flagging this Lukas. Like Mr Hunter I am fascinated and have a high regard for these mainstays of the peloton. I am sure their teams value them highly, but it is high time they were appreciated celebrated for the work they do.  I shall look forward to future parts.

    To steal some lines from Juul Jensen's Grupetto Life post ...

    Watching the Tour as a kid, I always admired the heroic domestique who slaved at the front for hours on end. Mouth open and with an entire peloton strung out behind him, he’d swing off demonstratively once he hit the final climb, almost coming to a complete standstill.
    On many occasions throughout the Giro, this was me and my Tinkoff-Saxo team-mates.So yes, I may have over-exaggerated the facial expressions on a few occasions. Either with the wide open-mouth look (less preferred now with slow motion TV filming in vogue) or the closed mouth stealth one - the Kiryienka, as I like to call it.

    Stealth or not, the feeling of satisfaction I had when I sailed down through the bunch knowing that I had caused this mayhem was enormous.  But the satisfaction and appreciation from the team that follows is what got me through many hours of gruppetto riding. 

    It doesn't sound glamorous, but that’s the way it is. Do your work, do it well and after that, survive.

    Apt for the unsung.
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    • Something about Danish cycling I love
    Rory Sutherland on his role within Movistar and looking after Alejandro and Nairo from Cycling News

    I make [the Movistar management] laugh a bit because they give you a piece of paper with the races on it and ask you to circle what you want. Then I give it back to them, and I say, well, ‘I can do all of these races, it's more a question of where do I fit into your plan.' And where I fit in with that plan, that is completely fine with me.
    Being a helper, gregario or domestique or whatever you want to call it is a job that's not seen a lot but it's one you take a lot of pride in. It's respected because somebody wants your help and trusts you. And [in the peloton] it's not always like that.
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