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Time for a revival of "the Cofidis thread that isn't" with something that's been bugging me lately. Or rather someone:

Now it is well known on these boards that I 'support' that team because it's French and it's crap. I also 'support' plucky youngsters and up-and-comers until they reach the respectability of general renown and acclaim and then I move on.

So how do I deal with this? Supporting a crap team that I fear may squander a huge young talent the way it tends to squander every huge young talent on which it lays its unsophisticated, rustic and calloused hands.

Florian Sénéchal is only 22 years old but he has already begun his third season as a professional at #cofidis.

As a third year pro even of tender years, a brilliant talent like Sénéchal ought to have had some sort of result, given some small sign of a glittering career ahead. Featured prominently in a memorable race. Taken some tiny stage of a tiny race or worn a best young rider jersey.

A Junior Paris-Roubaix winner (ahead of some kid called Gougeard) and a podium finisher at the Junior Ronde but, snapped up by the Kings of Cheap Credit, we never got to see him perform that much at U23. So what has he done as a young pro?

A few minor top 10s and some signals of quality on the rough stuff, the highlight of which was 3rd at last season's Tro Bro Léon. That result remains his best to date. Meanwhile one can only wonder at the team's decision to throw him into the Tour de France in 2015: Sénéchal survived and finished 135th overall in Paris, two spots ahead of a near-contemporary of similar profile, Arnaud Démare.

So is my concern unfounded? Am I expecting too much too soon, especially when one considers Démare's rapid rise and equally rapid stagnation? Is the team doing enough to instill a winning mentality in this kid?
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