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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #420 on: November 10, 2018, 19:27 »
When it comes to scoring points though, the sprinter/classic guys do seem to have the system weighted in their favour.

Maybe this is something the UCI needs to look at.
But how?
Award more points to mountainous races on account of their mountainousness?
If a 2.1 stage race has mountains, it automatically gets points as if it were 2.HC? :dizzy

Now, that wasn't entirely serious.

But the UCI really should reconsider awarding the exact same amount of points for a stage race GC (and no matter if it's two days or eight) as for a one-day race. Maybe even give more points for individual stages compared to the current points scales.

My first idea was to simply add X points per extra day (say, 5-10 percent of the points for a one-day race per day). Then I realised that this wouldn't be as easy since the lower ranks get only a few points (3 points for 40th in a .HC race), and adding even just a single point per day would be a whole 33 %. But since the UCI loves to award decimal points in TTTs, why not do it for stage races as well?!

Here's an example:
Win a 1.HC one-day race[1] --> 200 points
Win a 2.HC with 5 stages[2] --> 240 points (200+200*5%*4)
Win a 2.HC with 8 stages[3] --> 270 points (200+200*5%*7)
Finish 15th in a 1.HC race --> 10 points
Finish 15th in a 5-day 2.HC --> 12 points (10+10*5%*4)
Finish 15th in an 8-day 2.HC --> 13.5 points (10+10*5%*7)

In my opinion, that doesn't skew the balance towards GC guys by so very much. It's only an extra 35% for a race that lasts eight days as opposed to one day.

Points for stages (often won by sprinters) could should be increased as well - it's ridiculous that a 1.HC sprint victory gives 200 points while a sprint stage win in a 2.HC race gives only 20. I don't see a problem with doubling that (and simultaneously giving points to not only the stage podium, but the top-5 or even top-10).

Oh, and by the way, the pre-2005 World Ranking did have differing points scales for one-day races and stage races. It was only when the ProTour/WorldTour and Continental Tours were introduced that the points scales were 'simplified'.

Looking at the 2003 rulebook, the winner of what was then a 1.2 race (e.g. GP Miguel Indurain, now 1.HC) got 80 points. The winner of a 2.2 stage race (e.g. the Giro del Trentino, now 2.HC as Tour of the Alps) received 120 points - a whole 50 % more!
 1. e.g. Brabantse Pijl
 2. e.g. Volta ao Algarve
 3. e.g. Tour of California
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