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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #450 on: February 18, 2019, 11:04 »
Giro Watch

Valenciana ↑

A couple of good efforts from Hermans, but the TT meant a great GC result was always unlikely. A couple of top-tens for Enger in the sprints without much help.

Besseges and Provence

Might as well lump the SSFRs together where things didn't go very well. Some lower top-tens in the sprint finishes, but not much evidence of a train being any help in a crowded field. Cataford was nowhere in the Ales TT. The climbing days in Provence weren't much better - all of the team finished 10+ minutes down on stage 3 which I thought might have been a good profile for Jensen/Neilands.

Colombia ↑

Finally some nice sprint results for the team. Raim doing the business on a couple of stages. He got baulked by Richeze on stage 1 when otherwise he might would have scooped a podium and then on stage 4 he was pretty much the only sprinter to survive the climbs, but got Deceunincked by Jungle Bob. Climbing-wise Badilatti didn't do very well on the hilly circuit stages, but on the final stage he finished just behind Alaphilippe. Not bad for his first race of the season.

Laigueglia =

A missed opportunity really. Hermans got injured in Spain and thus missed this race. Cimolai and Sbaragli did okay in his absence. Maybe they could look at Gavazzi and think if he could make the group in front, why couldn't they.

Next races are Antalya, Haut Var and Rwanda. Fingers crossed they should get off the mark in Turkey.
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