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Re: Women´s Cycling Round table
« on: December 15, 2015, 11:51 »
Question 3.
The dinner party question! If you could have a dinner party with 5 people from the world of cycling past or present, who would they be and why? Doesn´t have to be Women´s cycling only but .....

Cycling Direct Stuart
1. Brian Cookson. To sit him down and get replies that we could openly discuss about his vision for cycling.
2. Rochelle Gilmore. Learn how she has done so much to promote women's cycling.
3. Beryl Burton. One of the all-time great women's cyclists
4. Ottilie Quince.   Kidney recipient, multiple world transplant games champion and all round good egg.
5. Helen Wyman.  From the road to CX to a DS's wife a great insight with all the great work she has done.

Stefan Wyman
Nicole Cooke – The best rider I’ve ever worked with on the road. I’ve had many dinners with Nicole, but I’d love to know her thoughts on the sport going forward. 

Hanka Kupfernagel – She’s knows this sport inside out. If there was one rider I’d like to collaborate with on a team it’s Hanka.

Sharron Fuller – A BBC employee, who could help change the media fortunes of the sport if we’d embrace the knowledge of such people.

Alan Sugar – As I think I’d like to pitch to him my idea for a team, and be his apprentice.  And more seriously, I’d like a real business perspective to balance discussions going forward, from someone who loves cycling.   

Martyn Ashton – He’s there to provide the after dinner speech.  He’s the best in the business at it, loves cycling, has so much passion.  The best.

Guy Elliot
The first person I would invite is Marianne Vos and not because of her athletic ability.  She spent a week with us at The Women's Tour and is highly intelligent, measured and articulate and cares about the wider development of the sport.  She is a fantastic ambassador and as her career draws to a close (at some stage and not soon I hope!) we need to use her to her full potential to help drive the sport forward.  When I first got to her know she seemed a little reserved perhaps as she meets so many people but the more you get to know her the more you appreciate what good company she is.  (I would also ask her Father by the way as he is a top guy)

Then I would invite Eddie Jordan from Formula One.  I am not remotely interested in motor racing but he is a man of vision and has great clarity of thought in a global sports environment.  I believe someone like that could make a massive difference to women's cycling.  He is also the drummer in his band Eddie and The Robbers and seems pretty good company.  He rides a bike and like most of the Formula 1 guys is very fit and knows the bike scene.

Then Tracey Gaudry who spent some time with us at The Women's Tour.  She has the ability to change our sport and I would like to get to know her better and ask how I could help her.  She is a tough woman and I think we have the right leader for women's cycling there.

Kristy Scrymgeour because I admire what she has achieved and I would like to ask her hundreds of questions to help me better understand women's cycling.

Finally I would invite Rochelle Gilmore.  She is a woman who can make things happen and doesn't accept no for an answer and pushes boundaries.  We need people like her.

If anyone dropped out I would then ask Marv Barras.  I don't know him well but he impresses me.

Yolanda Álvarez
Hanka Kupfernagel: a living cycling legend

Helen Wyman: she is fun

Marianne Vos: thanks to her I am a women's cycling fan

Judith Ardnt: a fighter against all odds

Joane Somarriba: a Spanish cycling legend

Karl Lima
- Ina Yoko Teutenberg: Because she was a great sprinter and everybody likes her
- Anna van Der Breggen: Because my wife wanted me to sign her some years ago and I replied: She have not enough points.
- Leontin Van Moorsel: Because she was the greatest, and she made a great team too
- Monica Valen: Beacuse she was the only Norwegian World champ so far
- Pauline Ferrand Prevot: Because I like the French people and I hope she get Olympic MTB Champion

That's a tough one... I think I'd have to make it a 'thank you' dinner for some of the people who've been so supportive whilst I've been establishing myself as a photographer in women's cycling. They may not realise it but their words of encouragement or little chats on race days have spurred me on, and hopefully made me a better photographer for it. If I have to limit it to just five, it'd be 'The Pasio's' (Carl and Ashleigh-Moolman), Carlee Taylor, Annemiek van Vleuten and Stef Wyman. But there are so many more, perhaps I could make it an open buffet rather than a sit down meal for five? :)

Sarah Connolly
Hmmm....  I'd want people who've been around in modern times but for a long time, to hear how thing have changed - and to definitely hear all their stories!  I'd like Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Judith Arndt, Hanka Kupfernagel, and Emma Pooley, Martine Bras and Marijn de Vries because they tell great stories!  I know that's 6, but you know they're ALL my favourites!

Suze Clemitson
I would love to sit down to dinner with Jean Robic and Rene Vietto because their characters absolutely fascinate me, Ottavio Bottechia to solve definitely one of cycling's greatest mysteries, Marie Marvingt (the woman who rode the route of the 1908 Tour de France amongst her many other extraordinary accomplishments) just to listen in awe to what she managed to achieve in the era she achieved it and Jacques Anquetil to talk astronomy, time trialling and Raymond Poulidor. Hopefully Hannah Grant will be in the kitchen and Hugo Koblet can be our waiter de charme. But there are really too many I'd love to hear their stories from first hand - Coppi, Bobet, Ocana, Desgrange etc etc etc etc

Jessi Braverman
I’ve worked for (and travelled with) women’s teams for going on ten years, and I live in Girona, so I get to have dinner with a lot of the current or recently retired stars of our sport on a fairly regular basis - which I genuinely appreciate There's no one (or five) people that initially jump to mind over others in terms of current or former athletes.

I would love to swap tricks of the trade with Bonnie Ford or Juliet Macur. Anytime I have an in-depth conversation with Kristy Scrymgeour, I always walk away feeling energized. I also will never forget the feeling of speaking with Mel Hoskins and Nettie Edmondson immediately after they won team pursuit gold at the 2015 Track World Championships, so I would say dinner with anyone after they accomplished something huge ranks high on the list.

Also – I am so incredibly impressed with what Brandon Stanton has been able to do with storytelling through Humans of New York and would love to find a way to incorporate his model into telling the stories of the various people that make up women’s cycling.

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