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Re: Women´s Cycling Round table
« on: December 15, 2015, 12:00 »
1st thanks once again everyone who took the time to respond, as thanks to a tweet from Guy Elliot I have decided to answer the questions myself. No real need for a Bio JustSomeGuy was chosen as my handle because I didn´t really see the need to promote myself and pride myself on being the same as I would be in person behind a anon, but the way it has worked out many have my name and email address :fp  So anyways here is my answers, and as many of you already know all typo´s are mine and if you are new to here check out the womens section here and if you like what we do please get involved the more voices the more fun or follow us on Twitter :twitter

Question 1.
In Cookson's Manifesto, one of the main pledges was minimum wages in women's cycling, In a video via Sky news published on the 25th of November 2015 he hopped to 'have a minimum wage in 2 to 3 years', which will be approximately 5 years after being elected, we have the new womens' road commission, we have the expanded World Cup re branded as the Women's World Tour , but once you scratch the surface what has the UCI changed in Women's cycling? Where could the UCI take on a bigger role?

The womens commission is great and important, but the speed on change is too slow, I think that by the start of 2017 the when the real Womens World Tour (WWT) starts ( hopefully with Bira and a few more climbing races ) there is a minimum wage, without it the changes become less valid, but to get more more money into the sport the UCI needs to be much more active.

I call this the 20/20 Vision what the UCI needs to do with someone with common sense is look at ways to promote the sport even if no TV is available, and not wait for the private sector ie race organizers, teams and TV stations to do it. And most of this involves a greater Social media foot print, Every major race so the WWT and some others outside of the WWT gets 2 people sent to the race, they do video diaries from a team a day pre and post race ( a backstage pass if you will, called access all area´s ) they get a few minutes video on various aspects of a cyclists life, pre race meeting, and then post race interviews from the same team) also the 2 person team get post race video interviews with the riders who were important part of the day ie winners, breakaway riders, attackers etc - write a race report send a link to the website with all the info give them 3 hours before posting all info on the uci website. Basically do the job of the "news" website until 2020 1 so it is done , 2 so it is done properly and 3 make it easy for them to do it, during the race these 2 are in the race caravan live tweeting the race. More information free and easy to access equals more views and therefore will attract sponsors.

At the moment the social media of @UCIWomensCycling is a disgrace and the live race tweeting is pathetic, it is a simple way to promote the sport. I would also suggest removing some of the rules the UCI have re social media as to give the twitter account some personality.( or as we would say where I am from remove the pole from it´s arse ;) )
But that would mean that many of the people currently involved would need to go   

Question 2.
You have been given the keys to the Palace and have and can make 2 changes to Womens´cycling in 1 hour you can make 1 short term change ie to be implemented on the spot and 1 long term change ie to the implemented over the next 3 year to the way the UCI runs Womens cycling/or a change provided by the private sector what would you do?

Quick change - would be the social media angles discussed above and yes I have more simple and reasonably cost effective ideas, but would get the RCS to have a womens Milano SanRemo and Lombardia and the ASO to have a womens Paris-Roubiax

 the long - a new Grand tour is started in North America ( by the ASO ) and La Course by Le Tour gets dropped by them, the race is run in the last 10 days of the tour and the live racing is shown straight after the highlights of the tour on Eurosport, sure the calendar would need changing and the Giro Donna need moving earlier etc

Question 3.
The dinner party question! If you could have a dinner party with 5 people from the world of cycling past or present, who would they be and why? Doesn´t have to be Women´s cycling only but .....

Kathy Watt
Anna Mearers
Mara Abbott
Evie Stevens
Emma Johnasson

and I am not telling why :P

and Sarah Connolly we have had how should I put it discussions , heated chats, ummm arguments with Sarah but I did say one day we will have a beer and see that we are not that far away from each other in ideas re womens cycling so may as well be now

Question 4.
Much of the promotion of Women's cycling comes from people like yourselves. What could "we" do better? How can The Social media sector/teams/sponsors/races promote women's cycling in a better way?

There is a massive click in cycling but the womens is pretty amazing, there needs to be a greater cross promotion and following and this is from teams and us on twitter etc. But there needs to be more open cross promotion. I also would like race organisations to make it easy to download maps and profiles, sure there might be some copyright issues, but every race thread that starts is promotion of the sport and more promotion is always better   

Question 5.
In 5 years’ time, what will be the biggest issue in women´s cycling? Who will be the riders  (female) – that we will be discussing as the stars of the sport?

Doping , with more money there will be more cheating - human nature can be as ugly as good, I also think many of our current issues will be there ie less TV time , money etc

As for the stars, I will leave the kiss of death to myself
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