Who will win the 2012 Euros?


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Re: Euro 2012 June 8 - July 1
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Russia, Denmark, Croatia and Ukraine  all on top of the groups....

Now who would have guessed that on Friday....

When do the Russian, Danish, Croatian and Ukranian domestic leagues start and end their respective seasons?

France today was uninspiring; they seemed to suffer from the 'dutch disease' in that they were completely static, their positioning was lacking or too slow to cause England any problems, the ball circulation was slower than van Hummel backpedaling a mountain, everyone looked at each other for creativity, and their striker (Benzema) looked completely isolated. Ribery was nowhere, Nasri played alright but failed to service Benzema, and he often had to, or felt he had to, pick up the ball on the 30-35m, which meant no one was in front.

England played decent to well, especially with the quality players they have. They exploited their strengths (lock it down defensively) and had some nice counters, which could trouble France. Obviously their set pieces are dangerous and they got a good goal. I think a draw was fair to both teams.

Ukraine and Sweden was a helluva match. Very entertaining, with some, seemingly, classical Ukranian football. High paced, endurance-based,  running/ground game with quick position switches and a sly old fox called Shevchenko. Even though he is 35?36? he knows how to lose a defender in the blink of an eye; the defender doesn't pay attention for a split second and he is gone, and he has a superb nose for the goal. It was a joy to see Zlatan the magician too. How versatile is that guy; he can create his own opportunities, with the flick of his foot he makes any defender look like a chump; he distributes the ball; has defense splitting passing abilities (casually with the outside of his shoe), can hold the ball inside/at the edge of the box to service upcoming midfielder, has a good shot and header, and for his size, a lot of flair.

I would have liked to see Sweden score an equalizer, because somehow I thought it would do justice to Sweden's efforts. But what a match; a pleasure to watch.
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