Who will win the 2012 Euros?


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Re: Euro 2012 June 8 - July 1
« Reply #120 on: June 22, 2012, 13:28 »
This will really only be of interest to Dutchies. Last night on VIOranje, Derksen came out with the following information that he had obtained from 'sources'.

- Heitinga was the 'deep throat' who leaked stuff via his wife on RTL Boulevard.
- There were deep divisions and lots of bad vibes in the squad
- v.d. Wiel didn't talk to anyone, spent his whole time online with his clothing and hip-hop business interests, wearing big head phones so he didn't have to talk to anyone.
 - Huntelaar and v.d. Vaart got on everyone's nerves with their constant complaining about not playing
- v. Persie and Afellay kept apart from the others, and were both arrogant and snobbish about their status within the group - Afellay in particular peeed everybody off by saying sh*t like, 'I play for Barca, who do you play for'?
- None of them took v. Bommel seriously as captain, but saw him as his father-in-law's mouthpiece. He was disliked by all.
- Sneijder tried to get Bert to basically play like everyone else in Holland wanted, but was not listened to till the final game, and even then he got it wrong by putting Wesley on the wing.
- Bert's 'gezag' in this group is gone, he will have to leave.

Phew. :o
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