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Re: 2016-18 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« Reply #60 on: February 03, 2016, 09:50 »
Pretty happy with my team, they've got 89 points already this season (I think) and a fair few look to be involved plenty with their teams this year.

Pretty surprised Hofstede is a unique pick as he will have a similar role this year as Oomen did last year I think. Annoyed myself by not picking Hofstetter as he's already had a decent result in Mallorca and I have him in my two other teams, but think there are plenty of other points scoring opportunities for these guys.

As far as I know I have Mamykin in action at Valenciana this week with Soler and Moscon riding Dubai. 

            BETTIOL Alberto   
            CERNY Josef   
            DE PLUS Laurens   
            GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando   
            GOGL Michael   
            GROSSSCHARTNER Felix   
            GUERREIRO Ruben Antonio Almeida   
            HOFSTEDE Lennard   *
            KÄMNA Lennard   
            LECUISINIER Pierre-Henri   
            MAMYKIN Matvey   
            MOSCON Gianni   
            MULLEN Ryan   
            ORAM James   
            PEDERSEN Mads   
            RÄIM Mihkel   
            SOLER GIMENEZ Marc   
            VERVAEKE Louis

Bettiol  was eligible??? Bugger I would have wanted him  :angry

anyway this is my team :cool
            BERNARD Julien   
            CONSONNI Simone   
            DE PLUS Laurens   
            GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando   
            GEOGHEGAN HART Tao   
            HOELGAARD Daniel   
            KÄMNA Lennard   
            MAMYKIN Matvey   
            MARTIN Guillaume   
            MARTINELLI Davide   
            MOSCON Gianni   
            MULLEN Ryan   
            ORAM James   
            PEDERSEN Mads   
            ROOSEN Timo   
            VELASCO Simone   
            VENTURINI Clément   
            WALSCHEID Maximilian   

1 of them down thanks to a British fossil :angry   
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