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Re: U23 news, results, rumours and all that jazz
« on: February 11, 2016, 12:59 »
As the new season opens, #ag2r feeder team Chambéry Cyclisme Fondation faces a tough time matching a singular 2015, in which it racked up a record breaking 29 wins.

"Things should continue much like last year," predicts team manager Loïc Varnet, "the youngest guys have progressed well and the core of the team is still the same."

When asked what would constitute a successful season, Varnet's response manages to be both sensible and surprising:

"First and foremost that every rider passes his exams. It's important for us. In three out of the last four years, every rider has passed them."

"On a sporting level," he continues, "we need to be setting ourselves up for the win every time and then try to pull it off. And we need to help some of the guys turn pro. That's our vocation ... So we're about putting together the right conditions for success both on and off the bike.

"Unlike other teams, we don't head south for training camps. Our riders train in Chambéry and sometimes it snows. But the good thing about youngsters is that they stay motivated even in bad weather. Team spirit is high again this year and that's good to see. The second half of the winter was really positive. They worked hard, did some 'cross and, when the track in Grénoble reopened, some of that too. In the last five weeks, they've basically ground out the kilometres. They followed the programme and there haven't been any problems. I'm not going to be worried about them when the racing kicks off." (FR)
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