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Re: U23 news, results, rumours and all that jazz
« on: February 23, 2016, 14:57 »
Don't go using reality as a counter-argument, Larri  :P :lol

Unfortunately, working as part of a team is - with very few exceptions - what new, young pros would have to do. An interesting conundrum. Glad that I'm a) not good enough to be a pro cyclist[1] and b) too old to be a neo-pro.
 1. Although I will happily discuss my VO2max if anyone wants to

Kids tend to ride for themselves with all but the rarest exceptions, such as when representing their country. That's why a neo pro has a lot of learning to do. The French produce some of the very best young cyclists in the world but the challenge is to keep them stepping up year after year and to keep them at work in mind and body but, until fairly recently at least, that was proving difficult for French pro teams.
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