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I don't think it shows you nothing about this sport. I think its more a case of when they are U23 and especially juniors they still arent really specialising in a way they will probably have to do when they start riding pro/senior races.

I always think Junior/U23 results give a guide to who should be a good rider in the future not necessarily what type of rider. Kittel was a double junior TT world champ but developed into a sprinter and Popovych winning the U23 Roubaix and then going on to 3 or 4 GT top 10's are a couple of examples of big wins when younger in a different area they excelled at later.

I agree entirely about the relative lack of specialisation in age group races and that many riders grow up to have a very different focus than the one they appeared most likely to develop.

But in Dunbar's case the issue isn't so much that he says he's a climber, although he does, or that he was the outstanding climber among Irish or British juniors, although he was. It's that he weighs around 55kg. That really isn't a very likely physique for a guy producing those results.
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