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Burgaudeau at Vendee U is a very obvious one. Already racking up some results in 2018. Watch out for him at Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux, Circuit des Ardennes and LBL U23s in April.

Kippers at Bike Aid has already shown what he can do in Sharjah beating Rebellin. Sibiu awaits.

Julius Johansen. A year behind Bjerg in development, but should still leave his mark in 2018. That still leaves five or six Danes for Fus to name.

Javier Montoya did pretty well at Oro y Paz considering the big names there and the local teams wanting to shine. Put him up against some less developed lights at the mountainous Baby Giro, Aosta, l'Izard or Savoie Blanc and he could steal the show.

Nice picks, LB! I didn't include Burgaudeau because I felt he'd been "outed" already as a future big, but he does look like a shoo-in. Going to keep an eye on your others too.
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