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Is it possible at all for a junior rider to become stagiaire with a pro team?
I would have thought that the barrier between juniors (who race against other juniors) and U23 (who race against other U23, but also against elite) is pretty strict.

I certainly can't remember any previous case of a junior doing a stint as stagiaire, no matter how talented they were.

I didn't think they could. I thought to be a stagiaire you had to be either U23 or Elite riding for a Conti team and never ridden for a Pro Conti or WT team.

Hard to say whether a junior is allowed at 18 to do a stage or whether joining #axeon early on paper would enable him to step up to #quickstep because, as you say, Axeon is PCT now. I don't know these rules. Perhaps he hadn't thought it through when asked or he just doesn't know himself. But he is meeting Lefevere this week so he will know then. :D
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