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Seems like yesterday when last I thought, oh good, I can breathe a bit before the Nations Cup gets going again.

I have this sort of manic interest in putting together a consistent season of U23 notes just to see what it will look like at the end, but it's not easy when you know so few of the personalities involved.

And I thought wrongly because the GP Priessnitz Spa, aka the Course de la Paix or Peace Race, is underway.

What can you do in only two minutes of racing against the clock? You can get out of the start house, turn a corner or two and just sprint for the line.

Rasmus Tiller is the current *no élite RR champion. The 21-year old has had a steady, perhaps rather modest season so far, here beating one half of the #axeon Oliveira twins Ivo and last year's Paris-Roubaix U23 winner Nils Eekhoff, himself something of a specialist in short prologues.

Looking ahead, we have a rolling stage today and then two MTFs this weekend, so the GC should go to a decent climber.
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