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Since there's talk of #quickstep being in dire straits financially practically every year:
What is the word on the Belgian cycling grapevine on Lefevere's team still being around in 2021 (when they would pick up Remco after two years with Merckx jr.)?

Honestly, I think most of it is hubris. Not just because Lefevere has the winningest team in the WT, but moreso because you have to look at who he is. In the media he is cautious, critical and frequently pessimistic. This Spring was the only time I ever saw him genuinely gleeful and even then he didn't like to make a big show of it.

Something is getting lost in translation though, because however unpleasant he comes across, particularly in the foreign media, few insiders will have anything bad to say about him. He is a shrewd businessman, the likes of whom are quite rare in cycling. I think only Spekenbrink stands out as a similar, younger example. Lefevere can talk to sponsors in their language as an equal and he is a well-known figure along the E17 corridor, where many of Belgium's successful homegrown businesses are based and where most of the money men come from his generation.

All of which is to suggest that it is better to look at his behaviour. Short-termism for Lefevere represents a certain reality in the sport and also a powerful bargaining tool but he is not someone who operates as if his team is about to fold.
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