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Re: Kirill Pozdnyakov
« on: April 14, 2016, 17:57 »
Hi everybody,

My season finally started in "Istrian Spring Trophy”, a four-day stage race in Croatia. The beginning of the season didn’t go the way I had expected. I came down with the flu and had to take antibiotics for 10 days and had to miss the Porec Trophy. My teammate Matej Mugerli won this race, which made me happy because it was our first win and it came so early in the season.

Because of that we arrived at the Istrian Spring Trophy with high morale and a winning spirit. For me, it was my first chance to meet my new teammates, and it turned out to be a great week to race together.

The first day was a prologue and my legs were not good, probably due to the antibiotics and having been off the bike for five days. Matej put in another good performance and in this kind of race, the GC is decided by seconds, so we all helped him. We didn’t win the race, but he won the last stage and finished third overall. For myself, I felt good during the race, except for the prologue, and I was happy how I was feeling on the bike and the work I could do for my team.

 Our next race was "Coppi Bartali", which came as a surprised. I had planned to go to altitude training on Tenerife before the Tour of Croatia the end of this month. I didn’t know what to expect from this race, because after Istrian I had gone home to Belgium and in my mind was already in Tenerife :-).  But I was happy to go to the race!

As a team, we decided to try for a stage result, and stages 2 and 4 were hard ones. From the beginning of stage 2, it was very hard because it was constantly up and down, and the temp was very high. At some point the peloton split into groups. After about 50 km, I finally made it into the break group. There were five ranked climbs and once I was in the group, I went for the mountain jersey. I could take the first three and so I could secure the jersey.

The last stage was another hard one and decisive for the GC. I tried to get in the breakaway again, but this time I was marked by the other guys who were close in the mountain ranking. We chased each other for the first 40 km and in the end, the break went away without any of us. I was not feeling bad on the climbs, but on the second to last climb I started to feel the efforts I did at the beginning of the stage. I was dropped from the first group and so lost the jersey.

After the race I was a bit  disappointed and at the same time I wasn’t, as the rider to whom I lost the jersey was riding stronger than me. There was not much I could actually do, except to have been lucky enough to be in the first break or maybe I should have better saved the power from the beginning of the stage ... that is racing, and I took my chance, but it didn’t work out this time. Anyway,it’s a good sign for important upcoming races and again, a good race week.

After that race, I was supposed to go to Tenerife, but unfortunately the hotel was already full with the ProTour teams training for the Giro.  I chose to go to Calpe, Spain, for a last intensive block of training, before the Tour of Croatia and Tour  d'Azerbaidjan. The Tour d’Azerbaidjan would be the most important race for our team so I need to be ready for it, and in my last two weeks of training I have had a lot of intensive hours on my bike.

Right now I feel improvement since my last race and my tests are showing some good numbers of my condition. I hope to turn this into results. Right now I have some days of recovery and then I'm ready to start the Tour of Croatia on April 19.
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