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Re: Kirill Pozdnyakov blog
« on: May 20, 2016, 23:07 »

The Tour d’Azerbaidjan is over. We had another good racing week with our team. We came with a strong team and won two stages and the team classification. It was not an easy task to be the home team because some of the other teams were watching us during the race, but we made it without any problem and used our team spirit :) Since I first went to
Azerbaijan in 2013, the country has changed a lot. Baku is a very beautiful city, with lots of new buildings and the “Formula One" circuit in the centre of the city, just amazing! It was an honour to ride on this road during the last stage of the Tour, you don't race much on roads like this during the year.  Not only in Baku but during the whole race when we hit the countryside, everywhere it was just a pleasure to ride.

The crowds were amazing too, people like cycling there and ride their bikes a lot. Every day you could see a lot of people at the start and finish and during the race on the side of the road. Mostly you only see this in Europe because of cycling culture, but once you go out of Europe there is not always so much public interest in a bike race, but Azerbaijan impressed me! I really enjoyed racing there and visiting this beautiful country. If I would have the opportunity to do "Tour d’Azerbaidjan" again i wouldn't hesitate :)

So the first part of the season is done. If I look and analyse my races , I'm happy with what i have done so far, the condition is there. The Tour of Croatia went good for m , normally it should suit me better and I worked toward this race. When the GC was made I was there and felt goo , this is important for coming races . In Azerbaijan I didn't find a great feeling, different climate zone and allergies made me feel not super good during the race and in general.

One week after Azerbaijan was an easy week for me and now I am starting to work towards the second part of the season, where my head already is. June 7 will be my next race in Slovakia , stage race from 7th until 12th June and after that, another big test at the Tour of Austria. I  hope my evaluation will continue and I willnhave a good result in Austria.
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