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Re: Kirill Pozdnyakov blog
« on: June 24, 2016, 18:38 »
Kirill has a racing break right now, and is doing altitude training on Tenerife. This was his rest day, so he took the time to answer some of your questions.

"Most of the time I train in the Flemish Ardennes when I'm in Belgium.  I have lived in Belgium since I was 17 but since I first signed with Baku in 2013, I spend most of the time in Spain and come to Belgium only to see family and for recovery time between races. Marc Lombaerts makes my training plans, he has been coaching me for 5 years.

When you switch teams at the continental level, you don't really need an agent, you can handle it all by yourself. At some point maybe you are more relaxed if you have contract for the coming year, but it will not affect your current season if you don't have the legs :)

Racing in different climate zones is more difficult than time zones, sometimes you even don't feel the time difference if the climate is not extremely different than that you came from."
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