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Kirill P

Re: Kirill Pozdnyakov blog
« Reply #60 on: March 31, 2017, 14:02 »

Been a while since I wrote anything – it has been a very busy time for me but I never forget you guys.

This winter I started building up towards Coppi  e Bartali. I love this race and the level is always very high, so this year I decided to do some good preparation for this race and improve myself for the longer mountains with  my Belgian coach. In December I spent my first training camp in altitude on Tenerife, just more endurance and some power exercise. I changed it a bit as I focused on not getting in shape too fast and not gaining too much weight during the winter. The result was incredible, if you work at it, the results come fast. 

In January we had a team camp with the Baku guys in Turkey. It was my first time there and I have to admit I really enjoyed staying there. For this time of the year you have all you need, good weather, mountains …short, steep, long, flat roads. For sure I would like to come back to this place one day again! For us it was the first camp and we had many trainings together as most of the guys knew each other already from last year. There were only few days when everyone had to do special work outs and we split on small groups ,but for the rest we enjoyed quality group rides.

After this camp they guys went to the Istrian Spring Trophy but i went straight to Tenerife to pick up my climbing legs for Coppi e Bartali and it really worked well. I had a super feeling all through the race and was able to fight for the win. It didn’t work out  this time  but if you keep going one day it will be there! I keep up my good spirits and look forward to our new races!

Big thanks to my team who supported me during our week in Italy. The guys did great job and big thx for this!

See you at the next race!

Grtz, Kirill
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