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How does it feel to be back after missing so much of last season?

I’m super happy to be back! If I do something I give 100% of myself, so the goal is to get the best possible results this year. I trained hard to stay in shape and to be ready for this season.

What was the problem last year and how was it resolved?

As to last year: I took a medically necessary medication which I was unfortunately not aware was not approved. Both the UCI and the team accepted my explanation, which is why the UCI gave me a short ban and the team took me back. I very much regret the whole situation and the difficulties it has caused to so many people. I also suffered a severe concussion in a training accident, which took a long time to recover from.

What are your plans for this season and which races will you be concentrating on?

This year the first goal is Coppi e Bartali the end of March and after that of course the Tour d’Azerbaidjan . Those are the two races I’m looking forward to in the first part of the year.
After the Tour d’Azerbaidjan I will sit down with team management and look at what is coming up --  but for now my head is on this two races.
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