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Kirill Pozdnyakov wins Grand Prix Alanya

(February 18, 2018) Kirill Pozdnyakov put in one of his trademark breakaways to win the Grand Prix Alanya in Turkey. It was his and the team’s first win of the 2018 season and the earliest win of a season for the team ever.

Pozdnyakov, Oleksandr Polivoda and Elgun Alizada were in the large break of the day in the 175-kilometre race that featured several climbs. Originally 36 riders, the break had gotten smaller as the riders got to the last climb of the day. On that final climb, Pozdnyakov took off from the group in a solo effort with just over 30 km to go. Polivoda was in the group of 11 behind him, and the Ukrainian controlled things, allowing his teammate to stay untouched. The teamwork was successful and Pozdnyakov soloed in to victory, with Polivoda finishing fourth on the day.

“I am very happy! It was a great start of the season, big thanks to my teammates. Everybody was super today, the guys did all the work until the last climb. I only needed to finish it off and I did. I attacked on the last climb and could stay away,” Pozdnyakov said. “Big thanks to Polivoda, who controlled the chasing group and brought me in a comfortable situation until the final. Team spirit was the key point today!”

“What can I say after the first victory in this season – it was great. It was a very intense race and we knew there would be lots of attacks from the start. Our goal was to get in the main breakaway which would decide the race, so our guys had to cover all the dangerous attacks in the first half of race. After 60 km a break of 36 riders formed, with Kirill, Oleksandr and Elgun in it,” said sports director Eldar Dzhabrailov.

“It was a very strong group, and Elgun and Polivoda did a lot of work. There were many attacks, and on the second of the three climbs, there were only 12 riders left including not only Kirill and Polivoda, but also such strong teams as Torku, CCC and Minsk. The only solution was to attack on the third climb, and Kirill did it in style.

“The last 30km were the most exciting in this race, as the leader was going and the pack started working hard to catch up with Kirill. They came within 20 seconds, and the last thing I told Kirill was ‘don’t give up,’ and he didn’t. Polivoda tried the whole time to keep control of this group so that they wouldn’t catch him. Kirill’s spirit was strong and he won a beautiful victory for the whole team.”
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