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Paris Nice/Dauphine/Tour Winners 1951-present
« on: June 08, 2012, 15:16 »
Only two riders to win Paris Nice , Dauphine, Tour Treble (Merckx and Anquetil)

Two riders done the Paris Nice / Suisse double

And only one rider ever won Dauphine and Tour de Suisse in the same year.. (Anderson)

Only one rider won Paris Nice, Romandie and The Dauphine in the same year (Wiggins)

YearParis NiceTour de RomandieCriterium DauphineTour de SuisseTour de France
1951Roger Decock (BEL)Ferdinand Kübler (SUI)Nello Lauredi (FRA)Ferdinand Kübler (SUI)Hugo Koblet
1952Louison Bobet (FRA)Wout Wagtmans (NED)Jean Dotto (FRA)Pasquale Fornara (ITA)Fausto Coppi (2)
1953Jean-Pierre Munch (FRA)Hugo Koblet (SUI)Lucien Teisseire (FRA)Hugo Koblet (SUI)Louison Bobet
1954Raymond Impanis (BEL)Jean Forestier (FRA)Nello Lauredi (FRA)Pasquale Fornara (ITA)Louison Bobet (2)
1955Jean Bobet (FRA)René Strehler (SUI)Louison Bobet (FRA)Hugo Koblet (SUI)Louison Bobet (3)
1956Fred De Bruyne (BEL)Pasquale Fornara (ITA)Alex Close (BEL)Rolf Graf (SUI)Roger Walkowiak
1957Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Jean Forestier (FRA)Marcel Rohrbach (FRA)Pasquale Fornara (ITA)Jacques Anquetil
1958Fred De Bruyne (BEL)Gilbert Bauvin (FRA)Louis Rostollan (FRA)Pasquale Fornara (ITA)Charly Gaul
1959Jean Graczyck (FRA)Kurt Gimmi (SUI)Henry Anglade (FRA)Hans Junkermann (GER)Federico Bahamontes
1960Raymond Impanis (BEL)Louis Rostollan (FRA)Jean Dotto (FRA)Alfred Ruegg (SUI)Gastone Nencini
1961Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Louis Rostollan (FRA)Brian Robinson (GBR)Attilio Moresi (SUI)Jacques Anquetil (2)
1962Joseph Planckaert (BEL)Guido de Rosso (ITA)Raymond Mastrotto (FRA)Hans Junkermann (GER)Jacques Anquetil (3)
1963Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Willy Bocklant (BEL)Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Giuseppe Fezzardi (ITA)Jacques Anquetil (4)
1964Jan Janssen (NED)Rolf Maurer (SUI)Valentin Uriona (ESP)Rolf Maurer (SUI)Jacques Anquetil (5)
1965Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Vittorio Adorni (ITA)Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Franco Bitossi (ITA)Felice Gimondi
1966Jacques Anquetil (FRA)Gianni Motta (ITA)Raymond Poulidor (FRA)Ambrogio Portalupi (ITA)Lucien Aimar
1967Tom Simpson (GBR)Vittorio Adorni (ITA)Gianni Motta (ITA)Roger Pingeon
1968Rolf Wolfshohl (GER)Eddy Merckx (BEL)Louis Pfenninger (SUI)Jan Janssen
1969Eddy Merckx (BEL)Felice Gimondi (ITA)Raymond Poulidor (FRA)Vittorio Adorni (ITA)Eddy Merckx
1970Eddy Merckx (BEL)Gösta Pettersson (SWE)Luis Ocaña (ESP)Roberto Poggiali (ITA)Eddy Merckx (2)
1971Eddy Merckx (BEL)Gianni Motta (ITA)Eddy Merckx (BEL)Georges Pintens (BEL)Eddy Merckx (3)
1972Raymond Poulidor (FRA)Bernard Thévenet (FRA)Luis Ocaña (ESP)Louis Pfenninger (SUI)Eddy Merckx (4)
1973Raymond Poulidor (FRA)Wilfried David (BEL)Luis Ocaña (ESP)José-Manuel Fuente (ESP)Luis Ocaña
1974Joop Zoetemelk (NED)Joop Zoetemelk (NED)Alain Santy (FRA)Eddy Merckx (BEL)Eddy Merckx (5)
1975Joop Zoetemelk (NED)Francisco Galdos (ESP)Bernard Thévenet (FRA)Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL)Bernard Thévenet
1976Michel Laurent (FRA)Johan De Muynck (BEL)Bernard Thévenet (FRA)Hennie Kuiper (NED)Lucien Van Impe
1977Freddy Maertens (BEL)Gianbattista Baronchelli (ITA)Bernard Hinault (FRA)Michel Pollentier (BEL)Bernard Thévenet (2)
1978Gerrie Knetemann (NED)Johan van der Velde (NED)Michel Pollentier (BEL)Paul Wellens (BEL)Bernard Hinault
1979Joop Zoetemelk (NED)Giuseppe Saronni (ITA)Bernard Hinault (FRA)Wilfried Wesemael (BEL)Bernard Hinault (2)
1980Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA)Bernard Hinault (FRA)Johan van der Velde (NLD)Mario Beccia (ITA)Joop Zoetemelk
1981Stephen Roche (IRL)Tommy Prim (SWE)Bernard Hinault (FRA)Beat Breu (SUI)Bernard Hinault (3)
1982Sean Kelly (IRL)Jostein Wilmann (NOR)Michel Laurent (FRA)Giuseppe Saronni (ITA)Bernard Hinault (4)
1983Sean Kelly (IRL)Stephen Roche (IRL)Greg LeMond (USA)Sean Kelly (IRL)Laurent Fignon
1984Sean Kelly (IRL)Stephen Roche (IRL)Martin Ramirez (COL)Urs Zimmermann (SUI)Laurent Fignon (2)
1985Sean Kelly (IRL)Jörg Müller (SUI)Phil Anderson (AUS)Phil Anderson (AUS)Bernard Hinault (5)
1986Sean Kelly (IRL)Claude Criquielion (BEL)Urs Zimmermann (SUI)Andy Hampsten (USA)Greg LeMond
1987Sean Kelly (IRL)Stephen Roche (IRL)Charly Mottet (FRA)Andy Hampsten (USA)Stephen Roche
1988Sean Kelly (IRL)Gerard Veldscholten (NED)Luis Herrera (COL)Helmut Wechselberger (AUT)Pedro Delgado
1989Miguel Indurain (ESP)Phil Anderson (AUS)Charly Mottet (FRA)Beat Breu (SUI)Greg LeMond (2)
1990Miguel Indurain (ESP)Charly Mottet (FRA)Robert Millar (GBR)Sean Kelly (IRL)Greg LeMond (3)
1991Tony Rominger (SUI)Toni Rominger (SUI)Luis Herrera (COL)Luc Roosen (BEL)Miguel Indurain
1992Jean-François Bernard (FRA)Andy Hampsten (USA)Charly Mottet (FRA)Giorgio Furlan (ITA)Miguel Indurain (2)
1993Alex Zülle (SUI)Pascal Richard (SUI)Laurent Dufaux (CHE)Marco Saligari (ITA)Miguel Indurain (3)
1994Tony Rominger (SUI)Pascal Richard (SUI)Laurent Dufaux (CHE)Pascal Richard (SUI)Miguel Indurain (4)
1995Laurent Jalabert (FRA)Toni Rominger (SUI)Miguel Indurain (ESP)Pavel Tonkov (RUS)Miguel Indurain (5)
1996Laurent Jalabert (FRA)Abraham Olano (ESP)Miguel Indurain (ESP)Peter Luttenberger (AUT)Jan Ullrich
1997Laurent Jalabert (FRA)Pavel Tonkov (RUS)Udo Bölts (DEU)Christophe Agnolutto (FRA)Jan Ullrich
1998Frank Vandenbroucke (BEL)Laurent Dufaux (SUI)Armand De Las Cuevas (FRA)Stefano Garzelli (ITA)Marco Pantani
1999Michael Boogerd (NED)Laurent Jalabert (FRA)Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ)Francesco Casagrande (ITA)Lance Armstrong
2000Andreas Klöden (GER)Paolo Savoldelli (ITA)Tyler Hamilton (USA)Oscar Camenzind (SUI)Lance Armstrong (2)
2001Dario Frigo (ITA)Dario Frigo (ITA)Christophe Moreau (FRA)Lance Armstrong (USA)Lance Armstrong (3)
2002Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ)Dario Frigo (ITA)Lance Armstrong (USA)Alex Zülle (SUI)Lance Armstrong (4)
2003Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ)Tyler Hamilton (USA)Lance Armstrong (USA)Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ)Lance Armstrong (5)
2004Jörg Jaksche (GER)Tyler Hamilton (USA)Iban Mayo (ESP)Jan Ullrich (GER)Lance Armstrong (6)
2005Bobby Julich (USA)Santiago Botero (COL)Iñigo Landaluze (ESP)Aitor González (ESP)Lance Armstrong (7)
2006Floyd Landis (USA)Cadel Evans (AUS)Levi Leipheimer (USA)Koldo Gil (ESP)Óscar Pereiro
2007Alberto Contador (ESP)Thomas Dekker (NED)Christophe Moreau (FRA)Vladimir Karpets (RUS)Alberto Contador
2008Davide Rebellin (ITA)Andreas Klöden (GER)Alejandro Valverde (ESP)Roman Kreuziger (CZE)Carlos Sastre
2009Luis León Sánchez (ESP)Roman Kreuziger (CZE)Alejandro Valverde (ESP)Fabian Cancellara (SUI)Alberto Contador (2)
2010Alberto Contador (ESP)Simon Spilak (SLO)Janez Brajkovi? (SLO)Fränk Schleck (LUX)Andy Schleck
2011Tony Martin (GER)Cadel Evans (AUS)Bradley Wiggins (GBR)Levi Leipheimer (USA)Cadel Evans
2012Bradley Wiggins (GBR)Bradley Wiggins (GBR) Bradley Wiggins (GBR)
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    Re: A bit of history...
    « Reply #1 on: June 08, 2012, 15:41 »
    More random trivia from that list

    10 Dauphine winners went on to win the tour
    Only 2 Tour de Suisse winners went on to win the tour
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    And if you wanted to win Paris-Nice in the same year that Anquetil won a TDF, your first name had to start with a J.
    Man, I'm bored. :)
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    1996 TdF winner - Ullrich?

    Bjarne Riis's wiki page has him as a 2 time TdF winner. 1995 and 1996! :D
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