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Re: 2016 Giro CQ Game
« Reply #90 on: May 30, 2016, 00:05 »

My worst Giro ever, and when i look... why did i pick them. lost 3 in week 1 finished with 4 & only 1 in top 30.

I will take that lesson and learn from it.. :-x

Cheer AC :cool
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    Re: 2016 Giro CQ Game
    « Reply #91 on: May 30, 2016, 13:15 »
    I didn't write him off, I just reported the loss in points entailed in dropping from 2nd to 11th in GC.  I would expect him to overtake some of those above him: I hope that he doesn't overtake many of them (there again, I also have to hope for Atapuma to make a serious move up the GC, and for Battaglin, Kolobnev and Niemiec to take stage wins) but my daily updates are not my predictions or hopes.

    If I were in the business of making predictions, I would most fancy 18Valve's chances at this stage: with Nibali, Landa and Kruijswijk, he could end up with the whole podium.  Valverde is the one most likely to interrupt that trio, but he is only on one team, and Kazistuta's only superdom riding for GC is Uran.  Even if Zakarin were to oust Kruijswijk, no-one has him and the Nibali/Landa pairing.
    Yeah, I was still hopefull after the long ITT. Landa, Nibali and SK were my favorites for the podium (in that order) from the start, so I was pleased that the budget was sufficient, as that's never been the case before, in any of your CQ GT games that I entered.

    Congratulations to 18Valve, especially on winning having effectively lost 32% of his budget on Landa.

    In the end, it was necessary to have the overall winner to finish top, but the highest non-Nibalist, Bicycle Boy, beat most of those who had him.

    It was good not to have any one rider fattening out his score with too many leader bonus points: Kruijswijk, with 90, was the main one to benefit his team in that column of the spreadsheet.

    Congratulations to Comodoro and NairoQ on their podium spots, to LightBing on the stage title, to those who seemed to be in contention at some stage, and to everyone who had a go, as it would have been pointless without you.
    Thanks. I'm glad I picked Foliforov, or I would have lost for sure. (Landa, Nibs and SK were always going to be part of my team). Thanks for running the game.
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    Re: 2016 Giro CQ Game
    « Reply #92 on: May 30, 2016, 15:12 »
    Faded badly after 2nd restday... a lot like Birdsong...  :lol

    Indeed I wonder I reached the height I did with this lot... #bowsdowntokittelandrigo

       URAN URAN Rigoberto   
       KITTEL Marcel   
       FIRSANOV Sergey   
       FUGLSANG Jakob   
       HESJEDAL Ryder   
       FORMOLO Davide   
       BETANCUR GOMEZ Carlos Alberto   
       VOROBYEV Anton   
       RUFFONI Nicola   

    Have I learnt any lessons for the Tour? Doubt it, look at all the potential Danes to choose  ;p

    Loved the game THANKS   :cool :cool :cool
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