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Re: Athletics
« Reply #90 on: August 08, 2013, 19:57 »
The entire Jamaican national athletics team of 44, including sprint champion Usain Bolt, was target-tested in Moscow on Monday in what is believed to be the first time a full team has been tested.

IAAF would have no choice but to not process a Bolt positive.  The American Track and Field federation won't process positives either. Does anyone but me remember when riders were leaving USPS then getting AAF's?  Seems to me like that story is being replayed in Jamaica.  Bolt's clean. He's never tested positive after all..

IAAF is lousy with dopers.  Letsrun doing good work here asking Ms. Jeter an obvious question after medaling:
Now, yes, he was banned for the time you said. That does not mean, that he cannot be of management. He cannot be an agent. He comes to meets that I am at, because he is a great supporter of mine. That's why Mark Block comes to things you might see me at because he loves and cares about not only me but other athletes that are a part of Total Sports.

I love that workaround.  He's not my agent allegedly supplying PED's.  He's a manager who would not ever supply me with PED's.  Ever. Really.   

The IOC knew what they were doing when they set up WADA.
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